Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Assorted Tudor Facts

Just some random tidbits about my favourite dynasty you may or may not know!

  • Jane Grey was queen for 13 days, not 9.
  • Through Owen Tudor's mother, Marged ferch Dafedd, the Tudors are cousins of Owain Glyndwr. 
  • Katherine of Valois and Owen Tudor were born within at max 1 year of each other (1400/1)
  • Henry VII had a Welsh governess named Jane ap Hywel who lived on to later care for his son, Henry VIII. [it's possible that she taught Henry Welsh.]
  • Katherine of Valois was friends with Edmund Beaufort, duke of Somerset.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Search Terms #13

One thing's for sure, it's often something odd leads people to my site... and it sure is entertaining! Let's go check out those rather odd search terms then, shall we?
  • how do the french spell henry tudor -- probably the French way I would assume...
  • queen of december birthday -- happy birthday then Queen December!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Happy Birthday Henry VII!

Henry VII!
Today in Tudor history; The birth of one of my favourite subjects to study... Henry the 7th! He was born on a cold January day to the 13 year old widow Margaret Beaufort at Pembroke Castle. Little did either Margaret, or his uncle Jasper know that one day, he would be the founder of the Tudor Dynasty!

So let's take to today to appreciate good 'ol King Harri ap Edmund ap Owain [as he would've been called in Welsh!]

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Was Queen Katherine Married to Owen Tudor?

Katherine and Owen
(credit to  Luna Akaisha on DeviantArt)
Katherine of Valois and Owen Tudor, one of the best romances in all history I believe. But how many times have you been reading a Wars of the Roses book and come across a passage sounded like this, "There is no proof of a formal ceremony, so Katherine and Owen were never married". Which is then followed by that annoying phrase that Katherine 'could not satisfy her carnal passions'. Well, good news is that that is not the case! Katherine and Owen did indeed live happily a married couple!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

So You Want to Write Historical Fiction...

I haven't post something for the sake of humour in quite awhile, but my brain just so happened to hatch an idea! As I want to be a historical fiction writer myself, I read a lot of it (mostly Jean Plaidy, Alison Weir, and Susan Higginbotham). So allow me to off some tips to help any other aspiring authors! (of course, this is all in jest so uh, don't take me too seriously!)

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weird Search Terms #12

You knew there would be more coming... it's quite intriguing sometimes what leads people to my blog here's the latest list of the rather strange and unsual keyword searchs that brought viewers like you here:
  • a is for amy who fell down the stairs -- let's learn the alphabet; Tudor style! :D
  • duchess of rutland , antiques roadshow -- yup, she had a cameo appearance on that show! :)
  • what mary scots look like? - why we talk like caveman? 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Richard III's Looking More Guilty

The Princes in the Tower
Richard III's all over the news lately, and in cased you haven't heard, he's getting a full blown celebration for his burial... and it's all making me think, those Ricardians really are nuts! (I say that in jest of course...)

Well, granted Richard might not be as bad as some people say, he's far from saintly. And more importantly recently I've come across a little something that helps prove his guilt in murdering the Princes in the Tower.