Saturday, June 23, 2012

Some More Little Known Tudor Facts

As promised here are more of little known Tudor facts. (yes, they are true)
  • Marie De Guise was married once before James V to the duke of Lorriane, they had one child, a son. He wrote letters to Marie when she left for Scotland, he died young. This is why Agnes Strickland calls her "Mary of Lorriane" and... no one else does...
  • Frances Brandon and her husband, Henry Grey were actually distantly related. They share a common Ancestor in Elizabeth Wydeville.
  • Elizabeth Wydeville was never called "Woodville" i have no idea why people think it's her last name!
  • Besides lord Darnley, Henry Stuart was also Duke of Albany, Earl of Ross, and King Consort of Scots
  • Margaret Pole, governess to Mary I, was actually one of the last surviving Plantagenets as the daughter of the Duke of Clarence. (Edward IV's brother)
  • Elizabeth I was released from the tower on the aniversary of Anne Boleyn's execuation
  • After her first husband's death, Frances Grey married again to Adrain Stokes, a commoner who was much younger than her
  • Douglass Sheffield was named after Margaret Douglas.
  • Ruthven was actually related to Darnley via marriage.
  • Elizabeth of York had a sister named Mary who died before she was 15.
That's all for now. I might do some more later. (no guarentees though)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Misconceptions on Anne Boleyn

One of Tudor history's most famous, (and tragic) figures is Anne Boleyn. Queen of England for only about 3 years (1,000 days total), Anne has left a lasting impression on History, even if it's tried to forget her. But, even from birth the character of Anne has up for speculation! Here, i shall address some of the biggest misconceptions people have about Queen Anne.
    Queen Anne Boleyn
  • Anne was born in 1507. Well, actaully no... she wasn't. She was born in 1501, as historians now believe. and there is defiantly some crediable evidence for this. So much, i won't even bother listing it all! (see my post "the True Year of Anne Boleyn's Birth")
  • Anne had a mole on her neck and an extra finger. This is simply not true. It's nothing more than propaganda used by Anne's enemies to make her look bad. (and more the witch the believed her to be) Did not Richard III's enemies also say he had one shoulder higher than the other and a hunched back?
  • Anne was the evil stepmother. In regards to the future Mary I, that is. Really, i don't think she was at all. Anne made attempts to befriend Mary and Mary outspokenly denied (and even isulted Anne!) It was not Anne but, Henry VIII who was mean to Mary. Anne tried to improve realtions and Mary simply wouldn't have it!
  • Anne was guilty. Believe it or not someone who calls themselves a "historian" wrote a book about Anne with the belief that she was guilty. I refuse to read it because it will just anger me. There is waaaaaaaaaaaay too much evidence that states otherwise. Some of the alleged dates that she comitted the crimes she was miles away from the alleged castle! (if you want more evidence see Alison Weir's "The Lady in the Tower: the Fall of Anne Boleyn")
  • Anne was the elder Boleyn sister. Nope. Anne was born sometime in 1501 and her sister Mary was born in 1499.
The character of Anne Boleyn has been totally messed up by the media and it's simplly just not right! If you want to know the REAL Anne go read a book on her! (but not the one that thinks she's guilty!)

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Rizzio Murder at Holyrood

an artist's interputation of Rizzio's murder
For some more clousure to the Darnley murder series, i will explain the Rizzio murder (a topic that is like the "sister murder" to Darnley's). Let us begin by learning who Rizzio is!
David Rizzio was Mary, Queen of Scots' favourite seceratary and best (and most trusted) friend. He was Italian and had come to Marys household with the duke of Savoy ambassador, Count Moretta. Rizzio was never well liked by the Scottish nobles, first of all... he's short, AND he's catholic. Why should the protestant Scottish nobles like him? Rizzio was an ally of Darnley's and promoted his marriage to Mary. Darnley ends up turning on Rizzio though, you'll see.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Emily's Guide to the Darnley Murder Part V

Now i shall adress the many misconceptions and streotypes people have regarding the Darnley murder and just the era in general.... (cuz trust me! There's a lot!). Let's begin with the era we all love to hate, the Victorian age! Those darn Victorians are at it again with the Darnley murder! Agnes Strickland for example, says Darnley did at Kirk-OF-Field, not O-field! Also, her spelling is TERRIABLE! And those Victorians in general had the belief that Mary and Bothwell were madly in love with each other and Darnley, although... uh...Darnley,  was wrongfully murdered by an adultress couple. Sound Pro-Lennox at all? :) Well, i know many of us have taken this stereotipical view but, i'm sorry to say, it's not true.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Emily's Guide to the Darnley Murder Part IV

the memorial of Lord Darnley commissioned by his parents.
It's filled with hiddne messages that call for Revenge on the murders.
To continue our story i shall begin where i left off. Darnley was settled in OPL with his servents, and his loyal valet William Taylor. Darnley was also still sick so he was confined to his bedchamber and as mentioned before was given terriable treatments. Mary would come visit him on a few days and stay there overnight a day or two. (her bechamber was directly under Darnley's) She was there for the purpose of reconcilation and illness had brought about a change in Darnley too. He wrote to his father, the Earl of Lennox about how happy he was to be reconcilated with his wife. It is most likely that this letter was genuine and Darnley had had a change of heart, but, sadly it was too late.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Emily's Guide to the Darnley Murder Part III

Kirk-o-Field after it blew up. (from Drury's drawing)
To continue where we left off, Darnley, who had been ill, was going to lodge someplace before returning to Mary at Holyrood. Sounds simple... But, where exactly will Darnley be lodging? The answer is Kirk-O-Field, a small quadrangle of houses just about a mile away from Holyrood. So, just to be clear Kirk-o-field is NOT the HOUSE Darnley is staying at, just the place where the house IS, understand? good! (Countless historians have got it wrong it's not even funny anymore!) Now we just need to know two more things, Who chose Kirk-o-Field and what house exactaly would Darnley stay at?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Emily's Guide to the Darnley Murder Part II

Now that i've described who the main players our in our drama of Darnley's murder, we must understand the events leading up to the actually murder which are just as dramatic! the subjet of MQoS (Mary Queen of Scots) is not one to be entered into lightly. So much discrepency so many people, so much....stuff! Therefore i will skip over Mary's childhood in France and the early years in Scottish with John Knox and all that stuff.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Emily's Guide to the Darnley Murder Part I

As a Tudor fan no subject has captured my attention like that of the murder of Henry, King of Scots, better known to history as Lord Darnley. (or simply Darnley). This, like the Princes in the Towers, is a topic of great speculation. We can never be 100% sure on facts about this subject but, after a year or two of research i think i have found a resonable solution. This part one of a multi posting series, in which i will try to tell the story in an unbiased and factual way. Today, we focus on the main players in this drama (cuz really that's what it is)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Some Little Known Tudor Facts

Today i felt like sharing a few Tudor facts that most likely, you never knew! Here's a list...
  • Through Katherine of Valois, the Tudors have a direct claim to the French throne. But, apartenlty no one remembers this...
  • Mathew Stuart, the earl of Lennox (father of lord Darnley) has a claim the the Scottish Throne. (see my post "A Lennox King of Scotland?"
  • Anne Boleyn hated monkeys. Someone was going to send one to her but, luckily they were told in time.
  • Jane Shore's real name is Elizabeth, and her maiden name was Lambert.
  • Cecil's handwriting was so bad that his R's looked like K's.
  • Lady Jane Grey's father, Henry Grey, descended from Elizabeth Wydeville's children from her first marriage to John Grey. Thus making Frances Brandon and him distantly related.
  • Jane Grey ruled for 13 days, not 9.
  • Anne Boleyn had an aunt who married into the Boleyn family and became, Anne Boleyn
  • Henry VIII had an illegtitamate daughter named Etheldreda Malte, by Joan Dyngly.
  • Bess of Hardwick had a brother, James of Hardwick
  • Mary Queen of Scots miscarried of twins by Bothwell.
  • Richard III was born at Fotheringhay, the same place where Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded. I wonder if she remembered this...
  • George, Duke of Clarence, (father of Margaret Pole) was actually born in Ireland, not England,
  • Amy Robsart's mother had married before marrying her father. Amy had many half-siblings. her mother's name was Elizabeth Appleyard and her father's John Robsart.
  • Katherine Parr was named after Katherine of Aragon
  • Had Arthur Tudor become king of England, Henry VIII would've been archbishop of Canterbury (i find this slightly ironic
  • On the day of Francis II coronation all 3 of Mary Queen of Scots' husbands were in the same place at the same time with her. Darnley had snuck off the France to stay away from the angry Elizabeth and Bothwell was as a Scottish ambassador.
  • David Rizzio had a brother named Joseph
  • Kat Ashley real name was Katherine and her maiden name was Champernowne
Now sometime in the future i'll be posting more of these, don't worry :3

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Emily's Tudor Doodles! :3

And now, to finish off my series "The Early Tudors", some of my drawings! :3 Hope you guys like Anime!

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Early Tudors Part IV: Henry VII

So far we've covered almost all of the early Tudors except one, my personal favourite, Henry VII! Now, i will cover the events leading up to his reign. I have already hinted at his life story in my previous posts (the Early Tudors Parts I, II, and III, and "The Life of Margaret Beaufort") So i pick it up for i left off.

Young Henry VII

When Henry VII was four, his wardship was granted the Yorkist lord William Herbert. The Herberts treated him quite well and he got along with the Herbert girls. In fact it is said that he fell in love with Maude Herbert, lord Herbert's eldest daughter. It is my belief that if he didn't become king he would've married her. Anne Dereveaux, (doesn't the surname sound familiar?) was William Herbert's wife and she acted like a second mother to Henry VII. When he became king and made sure to treat her kindly. Though, Anne was no Margaret Beaufort. When the "Redemption" happened in 1470 (for clarity see my post "the Lancastrian Redemption") Henry VII was shown off at court along with his uncle Jasper. But as we all know the Remption was shortly ened and Henry was back with Lady Herbert. (William Herbert got what he deserved when he was killed at the Battle of Edgecote.)