Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Arbella Stuart: The Prisoner Princess Part III

Arbella, later in life

William Seymour

After the death of  Edward Seymour, Arbella decided to marry his younger brother, William. They were married and king James VI/I saw it as a political move, not a love match. He became paranoid that Arbella was trying to take his throne (which she wasn't). Arbella couldn't stay at James' court much longer, James was running the country into bankruptcy, and poor Arbella was losing money too. She decided to trip around her favourite houses and just move out of the spotlight for awhile.

Sadly for Arbella she was still being thought of as an alternative to James VI/I. So, her name was linked to the Gunpowder Plot (a plan to blow up James, which i find very ironic) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

More Tudor Anime!!! (yay!!)

Mary Queen of Scots
Today i have Tudor Anime to share! This time it's Elizabeth Wydeville and Mary, Queen of Scots! My orignal plan was to do a double portrait of Elizabeth and Edward IV but, Edward IV didn't turn out too good, so i just saved Elizabeth. And as for MQoS, i decided to chibi-fy her with the lyrics to "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson in the background. (a very fitting song i believe!) :3 Let me know what you think!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Arbella Stuart: The Prisoner Princess Part II

Arbella Stuart in Later life
After Bess of Hardwick wouldn't let her granddaughter out of Hardwick Hall for fear of joining in on the rebellions against Elizabeth I, Arbella decided she would get out no matter what. Early in her life, Arbella was aloud to visit the Queen's court and loved it there! She hated being shut away in Hardwick to be forgotten about. When her grandmother wouldn't let her leave, Arbella began turning away meals, and refused to see anyone.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Arbella Stuart: The Prisoner Princess Part I

teen-age Arbella Stuart

Today I've decided to post about someone who actually who survived the Tudor Dynasty and lived into the Stuart era, Arbella Stuart. She's the should've been queen or spare heir after Elizabeth I and gets her royal blood from her father, Charles Stuart (son of Margaret Douglas). She was born in 1574 after her parents, Charles Stuart and Elizabeth Cavendish married without the Queen's permission. They had met when Margaret Douglas went to meet Elizabeth's mother, Bess of Hardwick.

After Arbella was born Charles and Elizabeth would go visit her and spent lots of time with her. But, when Arbella was 6 months old, her father died of i think turbercolousis or pnuemona.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anime Katherine Parr! :)

Here's another one of my drawings, this time it's Anime style Katherine Parr! based off of this portrait:

So... without further ado...

The Life of King Edward IV: Part IV

As normal, to finish off a series i adress misconceptions and the media's view on the subject. Well, Edward IV, i can safely say, hasn't really been in movies or TV shows or... well... prettty much anything! But, he is a character in Shakespeare's Richard III so that's his only "Big Screen" apearence and that's what we'll adress first. To begin, we alrady knew Shakespeare was HARDLY a revisionist so he tried to show Edward IV in a pretty good light so the Eleanor Butler theory seems all the more outrageish to the reader. But, is this acurate?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Life of King Edward IV: Part III

King Edward IV

In 1470, Edward IV's chief ally, the earl of Warwick (aka "The Kingmaker") made an unlikely alliance with Margaret of Anjou and the Lancastrians. In order to ensure they  stuck to they words, Margaret of Anjou's son married Warwick's daughter Anne. This meant bad news for Edward IV and the Yorkist royal family. Henry VI was back in power, whether he knew it or not. Edward IV fled to the continent to gain support. Burgundy or Netherlands was were he went, both were ready to offer support.

For a couple months the Lancastrians were back in power! Margaret Beaufort was reunited with her son Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond and they were both welcomed at the court. Margaret thought this would last forever But she was sadly wrong.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Life of King Edward IV: Part II

After Edward IV's father, Richard duke of York, died at Wakefield, Edward IV decided to take over the Yorkist quest for the throne. What ensued was the bloodiest battle ever fought on English soil: The Battle of Towton. It was York vs. Lancaster and York came out the victor. Edward, soon to be king Edward IV marching into London and took control of the city. Margaret of Anjou and her son fled to Scotland and They captured Henry VI in the Tower.

When Edward earl of March took the throne in 1460 and became king Edward IV he was only 19. He couldn't of done it with out his chief ally Warwick the Kingmaker. First the first couple years of his reign, Edward trusted Warwick the most. Warwick was pushing a French alliance and marriage to a French princess. (i don't know why but, for some reason Warwick really liked France...) But Warwick's hopes of that went crashing down when Edward met a pretty widow named Elizabeth Wydeville.

an Artist's interpretation of Elizabeth Wydeville
Meeting  Edward IV

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Life of King Edward IV: Part I

King Edward IV
Today i decided to take a break from my "History's Forgotten Countesses" to talk about someone else who is often overlooked more than he should be, King Edward IV. In my opinion he was the only effective monarch in the House of York (the other two being his twelve-year-old son and Richard III) But he is talked about enough not to classify as "Forgotten" but, like Anne of Cleves he's usually skipped over. So, let's start at the begining shall we?

Monday, August 13, 2012

HIstory's Forgotten Countesses: Jean Stewart

Most of you probably haven't heard of Today's forgotten coutness, Jean Stewart, but you know her half-sister, Mary, Queen of Scots! Yes, Jean was the only illegitmate daughter of King James V of Scotland, and thus, a little bit Tudor. (James V being the son of Margaret Tudor) Jean was older than Mary but, younger than Moray, so born somewhere between 1531 and 1542. She didn't live around court (how would Marie De Guise like it? :) ) so she spent her childhood out of the public eye.

When she was old enough she was married to the Earl of Argyll (a alley of Moray in the later years) The marriage was for political reasons but,

Sunday, August 12, 2012

History's Forgotten Countesses: Mary Talbot

This post is not about Mary Talbot, daughter of Bess of Hardwick, this is about the Mary Talbot whom Anne Boleyn would forever despise... Why? Because Mary was married off to Henry Percy, Anne Boleyn's first love. Mary was born of the great house of Talbot of Shrewbury, the Talbots are wealthy but haven't really done much in terms of politics. Mary, a Talbot daughter, was around the same as Henry Percy and Anne Boleyn. She grew up as any noble child of the day would, knowing she would marry Henry Percy when she was old enough.

The two had been betrothed for years when Percy first met Anne Boleyn. Anne was young and fell head over heals for him. The two were rarely apart, and as every Boleyn fans knows,Wolsey got involved. And

Thursday, August 9, 2012

History's Forgotten Countesses: Anne Beauchump

If i told you i was making a post on Anne Beauchump, and you didn't know who she was, would you think she was related to Margaret Beauchump, the famous mother of Margaret Beaufort? That's what i thought too when i first heard of her but it's not likely. (none of Margaret Beaufort's family referred to her as a kinswoman) Anne Beauchump is actually the wife of Richard Neville, earl of Warwick and... "The Kingmaker". So i guess that makes Anne, Mrs. Kingmaker!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

History's Forgotten Countesses: Ursula Walsingham

FrancEs Walsingham, Usurla's daughter
who could bear resemblence to her mother

Everyone's heard of Francis Walsingham, but did you know about his wife Ursula? Yes, despite her very creative and unforgettable name, she is often overlooked by writer's of history (hence the reason for this post and even this series) Usurla was born in about 1550 and grew up in a wealthy family presumably and had a quiet childhood. I do not know if she had siblings but it's possiable. She married Francis for political reason but i'm sure they grew to like each other. (Francis always spoke well of his wife)

 It's most likely that Ursula was

Sunday, August 5, 2012

History's Forgotten Countesses: Mildred Cooke

Mildred Cooke
To continue with my series on Tudor History's forgotten countesses and duchess and such, the story of Mildred Cooke, wife of William Cecil and lady Burghley.

 I do not know the exact date of Mildred's birth but i do believe she is about the same age as Cecil. She was the daughter of Anthony Cooke, and his wife and she did have brothers and sisters. Her marriage to Cecil was politcal one as she was a great heiress and Cecil was alread established as a nobleman. Cecil had been married once before but we know that he had no children with his first wife. I do not know

Friday, August 3, 2012

History's Forgotten Countesses: Agnes Keith

Our only portrait of Agnes Keith
You may never have heard of say... Agnes Keith or Mildred Cooke, but, you've probably heard of their husbands. James Stewart, earl of Moray and William Cecil respectively. That is the reason for this new series, to tell you a little about those Countesses and Duchesses that were forgotten to history. Let's begin with Agnes Keith....