Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Margaret of Anjou: The Warrior Queen Part IV

A medal of Margaret of Anjou

While Margaret of Anjou was in France, she met the famous Yorkist, Warwick "The Kingmaker". Though,  Warwick wasn't much of a Yorkist anymore. He wanted to align with Margaret of Anjou to take down Edward IV and replace him with Henry VI, (or rather, rule himself with Margaret in Henry's name)  Margaret had spent many years waiting for a moment like this and she took it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou Cartoon #2

Since I'm in the middle of a series on Margaret of Anjou, i though now would be a good time to post the next installment of my "Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou" Cartoons. This was inspried by everyone's favourite day, "Love Day" (see my post "Love Day; as created by Henry VI") And yes, i changed Margaret's appearence because i thought this was more accurate. Hope you like it!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Margaret of Anjou; The Warrior Queen Part III

Rose of the House of Lancaster

One of the great ironies of the Wars of the Roses is that Henry VI, though the leader of the house of Lancaster, never took part in the fighting (though he did get shot by an arrow during the first st. albans) nor did anyone REALLY want him to be king, they wanted to rule for him. He of course didn't care about this but, his wife Margaret did, and she did with a passion.

Rose of the house of York
Those who supported the house of Lancaster really supported her. Margaret then took over the government and moved the armies against York. Many battles were fought, And eventually one at Wakefield. Margaret had had enough of York's rebellion and had her revenge at the Battle of Wakefield.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Margaret of Anjou; The Warrior Queen Part II

Margaret of Anjou
 Margaret of Anjou wasn't a popular figure around the royal court, Henry VI was really the only one that liked her. Dislike for Margaret grew out of blame for the English losing Maine and Anjou, But really there was nothing she could do about it. She didn't care though, as long as the king liked her she was safe. After a couple years Margaret finally got pregnant for the first time. (because of Henry VI's mental state, rumours started that the child wasn't Henry's but, they are false.)

Everyone was happy with Margaret now because she had fulfilled her rule as a consort, and up until about this point, she had been a quiet observer. She soon realized that she had to be more than just that.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Margaret of Anjou; The Warrior Queen Part I

Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou's Wedding
 If i asked you the question, who was England first effective female ruler, would you answer Elizabeth I? That would be a very educated guess but incorrect. If you REALLY didn't know English history you might say Queen Victoria, but that is SOOOOOO Wrong and besides, Victoria was a Tudor hater so here is no place to talk about her. If you really understood English history you might reply, Empress Matilda which technically is true but she didn't rule for very long. The best answer is Margaret of Anjou!

Margaret of.. .What? She not well known to most people but she will be to you after this series of posts! Let's start with Margaret's childhood.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who Was it That Made Jane Grey Queen?

Lady Jane Grey

Poor Jane Grey, she was a queen of England and yet, everyone seems to forget so... (don't believe me? see my post "even textbooks can be wrong".) She never really wanted to be queen and that's what brought about her downfall. She tried though. I guess she just figured, "If I'm gonna be queen, might as well make the best of it!". So, who's fault was it that little 'ol Jane got this role that clear she didn't really care for, It's obviously not her! And perhaps it's not who first come to mind.

Let's examine some of the most commonly excepted options...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Other Marriages of Margaret Tudor

Margaret Tudor and the Earl of Angus

Everyone knows Margaret Tudor married James IV of Scotland, in fact that's probably what she's most famous for. (besides being grandma to Mary Queen of Scots) But, did you know she married two more times and had two more kids? it's true! So today I'm examine this often forgotten aspect of Margaret Tudor's life.

After James IV death, Margaret fell in love with a certain earl of Angus, Archibald Douglas to be exact. Now Angus was your typical "bad-boy" and had had a couple mistresses and was kinda like James Hepburn earl of Bothwell in years to come. Margaret was smitten with him and since she was technically regent of Scotland and a Princess in her own right, Who wouldn't want to marry her?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eleanor Cobham: An Anne Boleyn Story

Eleanor, Duchess of Gloucester

Eleanor Cobham is one of history's minor figures but, the other day, i was reading about her and her story had so many parallels with Anne Boleyn! Who was Eleanor Cobham? Well, to put it simply she married Henry VI's uncle. But, she was more than that, she was also given a bad reputation that was probably well deserved. What did she do to deserve it? Well....

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Even More Tudor Anime :)

Yet again i have a present for you random reader, more Tudor Anime!! (it's like an early Christmas!) This time my subjects are Margaret Beaufort and Anne Boleyn. The Anne Boleyn is in the chibi form after just being coronated! (I drew it while I was bored at school) As for Margaret, I was inspired by the cover of Philippa Gregory's "The Red Queen", those i decided to make it less detailed and simpler. Hope you like them!
Now, without further ado....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Regents of Scotland for James VI/I

Mary Queen of Scots and a Young James VI/I
Isn't it weird to think that James VI/I is a Tudor? Well, indirectly he was. Margaret Tudor was his great grandmother so, he classifies. Also, James VI/I became king at about age 1. Naturally, he couldn't rule as a baby so regents were appointed, but, who were those regents? There were four altogether, here a little bit about each one:

Monday, October 15, 2012

Love Day, as Created by Henry VI :)

King Henry VI

This day actually happened on March 25th but i couldn't wait until March to post about this! What is love day? Only the awesomest day in the Wars of the Roses. Everyone knows Lancaster hates York and vice versa and everyone knows Henry VI was a scizoprhenic, so, what happens when they combine? Love Day!

Henry VI had always hated fighting, ever since he was little and he saw his uncle, Humphrey of Gloucester arguing over power with his other Bishop Beaufort, he wanted to avoid all conflict. Naturally when the Duke of York turned against Henry and fought his army in battle, Henry wanted to end that as soon as possible, and he did so in a way that only HE could've of...

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Happy 559th Birthday to Edward of Lancaster!

Edward of Lancaster

Today on October 13th in 1453, Prince Edward of Lancaster was born the only child of Margaret of Anjou and her husband, Henry VI. If he were still alive, (which he's obviously not!!!) he would be 559 years old. Sadly he got nowhere NEAR that number because he died at age 17 in the battle of Tewkesbury.

And now, for a random fact:

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Elizabeth of York: Plantagenet or Wydeville?

Princess Elizabeth of York
Lately I've been reading Philippa Gregory's newest novel, "The Kingmaker's Daugher". Now I've been studying the Wars of the Roses for a long time now and so i can read it without taking anything as fact. (as so many people do because they don't know otherwise) and it's very apparent that the Wydevilles in the novel aren't not like the Plantagenets of York. It got me thinking...
I had seen Elizabeth of York portrayed as being very much like her mother as well as very much like her father, but, which is she more like? On her father's side Elizabeth is a Plantagenet of York and on her mother's side, the Wydeville commoners. It's my personal belief that Elizabeth was neither. She was a new breed, a Lancasterian with Yorkist blood and connections.

Here's why:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou Cartoon

Ok, i meant to get this uploaded awhile ago but... let's face it, I'm (sometimes) lazy. Well, here it is now, my very first cartoon about everyone's favourite monarchs, Henry VI the schizoprehic who's been king since he was a baby and his easily angered and violent wife, Margaret of Anjou after the birth of their only child Prince Edward of Lancaster. I drew this back in 9th grade at the end of the school year (so, like, around June this year) and thought i would share it with the world!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Jane Rochford as Lady in Waiting to Katherine Howard

As noted in the previous post, Lady Jane Rochford loved the court life and she had ever since she first debuted at it. And she was a lady in waiting as Henry VIII changed wives. So it only makes sense that when Anne of Cleves died, Jane served the much younger than her Katherine Howard. She and Katherine became good friend and Jane was one of Katherine's close confidants.

Katherine Howard

 This of course meant that Katherine was willing to share secrets with Jane and Katherine had a pretty big secret, she was in love with a courtier named Thomas Culpepper. Which was fine except for one minor detail, she was already married and to none other than King Henry VIII. Katherine, being a young girl really, didn't care about that and she begged Jane to arrange a meeting. Actually, it was more like an order.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jane; History's Famous Lady Rochford!

This Could possibly be Jane Rochford

You've heard of Anne Boleyn, Kathryn Howard, and the other six wives but, what about Lady Rochford? She's a Boleyn too. She's the wife of George Boleyn, Anne's brother. And, she was almost a Tudor survivor. But, how? And why is she "Famous"?  The answer lies in a side of the six wives story you never saw...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Elizabeth, The Not-so-Famous Boleyn

When naming off the famous Boleyns, there are many; Anne, Mary, Thomas, George, but... What about Elizabeth? For those who don't know Elizabeth Boleyn is the mother of Anne, Mary, and George, Boleyn.  She seems to have been sidelined by her husband and children but, she is still a very important character.So, What about her? What was she like? Allow me to explain...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Edward of Lancaster and Anne Neville

Red Rose of Lancaster

So as i said in the previous post, Edward of Lancaster took after his mother more than his insane and saintly father. Thus it would only make sense that when Margaret of Anjou left for France after her flight into Scotland (after Edward IV took over) that Edward went with her. He grew up on the run and was preparing to fight the Yorkists. Eventually Edward IV's main alley, Warwick "the Kingmaker" started hating on him so he decided to switch sides.

Warwick went straight to Margaret of Anjou for support agianst his for protege Edward of York. Margaret was hesitant to give it but, Warwick was ready to give his daughter, Anne Neville,'s hand in marriage to Margaret's son Edward who was now about 17. What did Edward really think about Anne? Well...

Monday, October 1, 2012

Edward of Lancaster: Prince of Wales

Prince Edward of Lancaster

Isn't it a pain trying to remember people in Tudor history with the same name? Well, Edward of Lancaster was one that bugged me ALOT. Why? because his enemy, Edward of York had a son named Edward and two nephews named Edward and had many allies named Edward. What ever possessed Margaret of Anjou to name her son that i don't know. (Henry VI had no hand in it, he had gone insane at that time)

But, this post is not about names, it's about a forgotten and often overlooked Prince of Wales, Edward of Lancaster. (if you people want a surname you can use Bolingbroke, after his great-grandfather, Henry Bolingbroke, aka Henry IV) Edward is not your typical prince of Wales by any means. I mean, at age 7 he was ordering traitors beheaded! Allow me to explain...