Saturday, October 27, 2012

Margaret of Anjou; The Warrior Queen Part II

Margaret of Anjou
 Margaret of Anjou wasn't a popular figure around the royal court, Henry VI was really the only one that liked her. Dislike for Margaret grew out of blame for the English losing Maine and Anjou, But really there was nothing she could do about it. She didn't care though, as long as the king liked her she was safe. After a couple years Margaret finally got pregnant for the first time. (because of Henry VI's mental state, rumours started that the child wasn't Henry's but, they are false.)

Everyone was happy with Margaret now because she had fulfilled her rule as a consort, and up until about this point, she had been a quiet observer. She soon realized that she had to be more than just that.
Just before it was time for the baby to be born Henry VI suffered his first major mental breakdown. Everyone assumed the worse and the Duke of York wished to be named regent but, more importantly heir to the throne. Margaret wouldn't have it!

She took over the government herself and when the baby came she went to show him (he was named Prince of Edward of Lancaser, for more see my post about him) but Henry just looked at it, it was as if he really were dying.  But he eventually recovered though, he never quite the same and recognized the baby Prince Edward as his heir. Margaret now realized it's up to her to protect not only herself and her husband, but also her son's inheritance.

Prince Edward took very much after his mother in personality and spent more time with her. the Duke of York, meanwhile was gathering an army for the upcoming Battle of St. Albans. Once that battle was over, the Wars of the Roses had begun. Henry VI had no wish to fight so Margaret went out and raising the armies and gained the support, it now seemed Margaret was the ruler and Henry VI was the consort! The major Lancasterian leaders stopped hating him and instead followed her as their figurehead. Margaret was the matriarch of the House of Lancaster,

And also, the duke of York's enemy, and THAT would cause majour problems...

(To be continued)

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