Friday, November 30, 2012

Richard III: The Great Controversy (Introduction to a New Series)

Rose of the House of York

As with pretty much everything else in Tudor history, the life and character of Richard III is up for debate. And debate is just what's been happening in the centuries past, and LOTS of it. Really we have two sides, one side (called "Revisionists") believe Richard III was the victim of a smear campaign and propaganda and

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Margaret Douglas... Almost Became Lady Howard??

Possiably a young Margaret Douglas
Yes! It's true! Margaret Douglas came sooooooo close to become the next member of the wealthy Howard family. See, before she married or, even met, Mathew Stuart (the earl of Lennox and her future husband) Margaret was madly in love with a lord Thomas Howard. (one of the famous duke of Norfolk descendants).  This was during the time she was living at the court of her uncle, Henry VIII. And it was their betrothal that landed both of them in the Tower, fearing for the lives.

Monday, November 26, 2012

3 New Tudor Anime Pictures

I have been drawing again, so you know what that means! More picture to share (yay)! Who are the subjects today? Edmund Tudor, Elizabeth of York (to go with my recent series on her) and one of a bunch of different characters.

The first two are of Edmund and Elizabeth. the Elizabeth of York drawing i just drew up the other day to go with the series. But, the one of Edmund Tudor, well... :) You see, i've been trying to draw him in some way for a while now but nothing turned out right until... Well, you can see for yourself!

Queen Consort: Elizabeth of York Part V

Holbein's famous Tudor Dynasty portrait
Elizabeth is in the top right corner.

Elizabeth of York had lived a long time as the "humble and reverent" consort of Henry VII. She had survived the eradication of the House of York, two Yorkist pretenders, and given birth the six children, two of which died at birth. After little Mary was born, it was decided no more royal heirs were needed. But, then, tragedy struck.

Arthur, Elizabeth's eldest son, had just been married to Katherine of Aragon and the pair was living in Ludlow to prepare for the day they would rule England together. Only one problem, they never did. Both fell ill with some sort of sweating sickness and Arthur died. Now the Tudors had only one heir, the future Henry VIII. Just to make sure Elizabeth and her husband decided to try for another heir.

Elizabeth then became pregnant for the last time. She seemed perfectly healthy up until that point and even befriended Katherine of Aragon (who was brought back to court). In February of 1503, came time for Elizabeth to give birth. Everyone worried about the Queen's health. She hadn't been pregnant for years, would she make it out alive?
Naturally it was assumed so. On February 11th (her own birthday) Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter, named Katherine. But, something went wrong.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Queen Consort: Elizabeth of York Part IV

Portrait showing the family of Henry VII,
(from left to right) Edmund, Henry, Arthur, Henry VII, Elizabeth
of york, Margaret, Mary, Katherine

Once Elizabeth became Queen Consort of England, she seems to fade out of the history books. Of course, she was still there but, her power had been ceded to Margaret Beaufort (her mother-in-law) In fact, Elizabeth preferred to stay out of the limelight and work behind the scenes. Not longer after her first baby was born, the first Yorkist pretender showed up.

Obviously everyone knew he was a fake. Some say that it was really Edward V who the Yorkists were going to put on the throne and that he wasn't murdered but, there is no evidence to prove this so, it's not true. Everyone knew this pretender, Lambert Simnel, was a fake. Elizabeth didn't obviously believe him. So, he and his cause was defeat at the Battle of Stoke in 1487. After that, England was back in peace.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Queen Consort: Elizabeth of York Part III

When her uncle, Richard III became king of England, Elizabeth of York and her sisters were welcomed back at court. She and her sisters were treated with care and Elizabeth, no doubt was happy with the court life she new as a child. But, at this time Elizabeth was learning to give that up for a quiet life like she had known in sanctuary at Westminster. Some say at this time, Richard III was planning on marrying Elizabeth (to keep Henry Tudor from doing so) and he poisoned his wife to do so. NOT TRUE!

Richard III had married his wife Anne Neville for love and i don't think he planned on marry anyone else. (it is a none fact that before he was married, Richard III had two mistresses but, when he married Anne, he had none) Also, Elizabeth would've never approve of it. She had grown to like Henry Tudor (or at least, what she heard of him) Elizabeth was far away from court when the Battle of Bosworth happened. And every self-respecting Tudor fans knows THAT changed things...

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Queen Consort: Elizabeth of York Part II

Elizabeth of York from a stained glass window

Elizabeth Plantagenet had always been the spoiled princess in her childhood. When the Lancasterian Redemption momentarily brought down the house of York, Elizabeth realized she shouldn't take her royal status for granted. Sure, she will have always been her father's favourite child but, someday her life would change. For Elizabeth, that day came April 9th 1483. That was the day her father, Edward IV died. Her 12 year old brother, Edward V was now king and that meant problems.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Queen Consort: Elizabeth of York Part I

Queen Elizabeth of York

Elizabeth of York is one of the lesser talked about characters of Tudor history. She was the daughter of a king and later, a Queen consort. She did what usually didn't happen in the Wars of the Roses; changed sides. Although born of the House of York, she became a staunch Lancasterian upon her marriage to Henry VII. Today i shall begin by examining her life, and later, her character and how the media portrays her.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Anime Style Margaret of Burgundy and Jane Grey!

It's time once again that i post some more of my drawings :) Today's subjects are Margaret of Burgundy and Lady Jane Grey. I drew the one of Margaret of Burgundy awhile back in pencil and it turned out AMAZING so just recently i decided to outline it in ink and colour. And the one of Jane Grey i drew when i got bored in my English class. On the right you will a see a chibi Jane that looks like she's partially erased, that's because i was planning on drawing Guildford next to her and didn't have time to finish. (so i erased it, having half a person would just look weird, right?)

Make sure to tell me what you think!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Personality of Guildford Dudley

Guildford Dudley

Today I'm addressing the personality traits of England's most forgotten, and least recognized king, Guildford Dudley. He married Lady Jane Grey and was her consort for 13 days Thus, technically England's only King Guildford. But, what was he really like? Tradition has it that he was practically good for nothing but, that might not be so. Let us examine what kind of a person Guildford Dudley just was...

I will begin by saying Guildford, liked his wife very much. They actually got along quite well and enjoyed each other's company. Jane never really wanted to marry Guildford and vis versa but, once they were brought together, they found they were glad for their union. But there is another side to Guildford that makes him more comparable to Lord Darnley.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Similarites Between Henry VIII and Edward IV

Edward IV

Henry VIII

Before i read about the Wars of the Roses, I'd always wondered why Henry VIII acted nothing like either of his parents. But, then i learned of Edward IV and it all made sense. Edward IV was Henry VIII's grandfather on the York side thus, it makes sense that he acted like him in life. But how was i able to come to the conclusion that Henry VIII was a second Edward IV? After some research, here's what i discovered...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Early Life of Bess of Hardwick

Most of the attention that Bess of Hardwick's got is from her later years but, what about before that? That's why i'm writing this post today, to explain about Bess' first marriage and childhood.

Bess of Hardwick

Bess of Hardwick was born to the earl of Hardwick and his wife, Elizabeth. She had an older brother and sister. Bess wasn't of that much importance but, Elizabeth of Hardwick took care for all of her children. She married again and had more children and Bess got more forgotten about. She was given an education that fit her status and sent to live with the rich Zouche family to learn how to act like a proper lady.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

What Does the Wars of the Roses Have to Do with Tudor History?

Red and White roses, Representing the emblems of the
houses of Lancaster and York
This is a question that many people have asked. What the heck does the Wars of the Roses have to do with Tudor history anyway? Why include it in Tudor blog? Usually the argument is, The Tudor Dynasty didn't start until the END of the War, why even talk about it? The answer is quite simple: The Wars of the Roses has EVERYTHING to do with Tudor History!

Here's why:

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

History's Forgotten Countesses: Elizabeth Cavendish

 If you've read my earlier posts on Charles Stuart or Arbella Stuart, you might remember Elizabeth Cavendish. She is the daughter of Bess of Hardwick and became the Countess of Lennox. But she is often overlooked by historians but, not today!

When Elizabeth was born, she already had a few older siblings so she was probably no disappointment to her parents. Elizabeth was probably given a education benefiting her station and her childhood was probably similar to that of Anne of Cleves. She would've been well aware that she was of a wealthy family and very important. She grew up watching marriages be arranged for her older siblings and even some younger ones! But, not hers.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Arthur Tudor and Catherine of Aragon

Arthur Tudor

Catherine of Aragon

Today's topic is an aspect of Catherine of Aragon's life that is often overlooked; her marriage to Arthur Tudor. Basically history books just say that Catherine married Arthur and then he died. Obviously there's much more to that story than just that or else, I wouldn't be writing this! So what is this often by passed story in history? Well...

Catherine of Aragon and Arthur Tudor's marriage was first thought of when they were little children. They were  betrothed and Arthur's father Henry VII couldn't be happier because it meant the recognition of his reign by Spain, a very powerful country. For Catherine, this meant she was brought up knowing she would one day travel to England to marry their prince. For Arthur, this meant someday he would have to rule the country and (if things went according to plan) he would marry Catherine.

Spain did, indeed, stay aligned with Henry VII (i mean, they didn't support any pretenders right?) and when Catherine and Arthur were 15, Catherine travel from Spain to England. The Spanish princess was the 'baby' of the family and was no doubt, pampered in her childhood, and was probably homesick. But not along after arriving, she met her future husband and father-in-law.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

HIstories Forgotten Countesses: Katherine Wydeville

Katherine Wydeville was the last Wydeville child and most of the attention by historians has fallen on her elder sister, Elizabeth. (perhaps you've heard of her :) ?)  For Today's post i've decided to tell Katherine's story since the history books haven't. Let's began with Katherine's childhood.

Katherine Wydeville from a stained glass window
showing her and Jasper Tudor

As i mentioned about, Katherine was the last Wydeville child born. So that meant she had like 11 siblings, all older than she was. It's no doubt, she was the baby of the family. I don't think she liked that very much and her brothers and sisters probably treated her very much as a child. Katherine must've learned at an early age that when it came time for her marriage, she could have no say in it.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Emilly's Tudor Art: The Agnes Keith Portrait :)

Today I also have for you, some more of my art. This one i made in my 9th grade art class and was selected to be on display at my local fair! :) It's a pen and ink drawing of Agnes Keith, Countess of Moray. (see my post "Histories forgotten countesses; Agnes Keith for her life and the portrait on which, this was based) Hope you enjoy it!

Here's Some More Little Known Tudor Facts

Holbein's famous portrait of the Tudor family.
You may have though you knew everything about Tudor history but, today I'm sharing some facts you might of have never known. Prepare to be amazed! :)

  • Elizabeth I and Bess of Hardwick are actually very distantly related!
  • Surprisingly enough, the actually towns of Lancaster and York didn't matter much during the Wars of the Roses
  • Henry VII's childhood nurse was a Welsh commoner named Jane Hwyell
  • In Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre" there is a reference to Mary Queen of Scots and her relationships with Rizzio and Bothwell. Also one of the characters are of the "Rivers" family.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Margaret of Anjou The Warrior Queen Part V

Well it seems we have reached the end of my Margaret of Anjou series and you know what that means. It's time to address the media's misconceptions or accurate portrayals. Obviously not many works of fiction have Margaret of Anjou as a principal character in them. There's Jean Plaidy's "Red Rose of Anjou" which is the most accurate fictional portrayal I've seen!