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Weird Search Keywords #10

Yes, yes... you all know the drill :) People type in weird and or random keywords and somehow those lead them to my blog. Here's the latest list:
  • how to mary eldest girl - and on a completely unrelated note...
  • anne neville, compared to the anne in richard iii - I believe if you look close enough, you'll find that they are the same historical figure!
  • did mary boleyn look like - look like...what?!
  • Katherine parr nurse agnes strickland - heheh... yup, they met at the hospital when Agnes came down with the flu!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Set of Random Tudor Facts :)

The other day I realized I hadn't done a collection of random Tudor facts recently! So, for those of you who've been wanting to see one, here it is!
  • Katherine Parr's ancestors during the Wars of the Roses favored the Yorkist cause
  • Anne Boleyn had two younger brothers, Thomas and Henry, who died young
  • Although Lady Margaret Douglas had a total of 9 children, only two survived into adulthood: Henry (lord Darnley) and Charles. There was a almost 10 year age gap between the two.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Margaret Beaufort: Lady Richmond (Part IV)

Margaret Beaufort, as drawn by me!
Life changed for Margaret Beaufort when Edward IV took over as king. Her brother-in-law, Jasper Tudor, was forced into exile and her husband easily changed sides over to York. Now she her son's warship was given over to the Yorkist lord William Herbert. It seems life couldn't get any worse and even though Margaret and her husband lord Stafford were getting along quite well, they may have experiences some troubles in their marriage at this point. And Margaret decided to keep her Lancastrian sympathies behind the scenes during this time, it was safer for her anyway.

During this time, Margaret stays most in the background and the Yorkists take center stage. But this was exactly the reason why Margaret had married Henry Stafford years earlier, now Edward IV could not marry her off to some Yorkist, who would take her inheritance and lands. With lord Stafford as her husband, Margaret was safe. But with York on the throne, how safe could she be?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Henry VI!

King Henry VI
Guess what everyone! Today is none other than our favourite late medieval king, Henry VI's, birthday!! :D When he was born his father, Henry V was off fighting wars in France and his mother, Katherine of Valois was more than delighted. He was expected be grow up to be a great conqueror like his father but sadly, Henry V's earlier death left him as king at age 9 months. As he grew up, he was showing he wasn't even capable of ruling England, let alone an empire in France.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Empress Matilda; England's First Queen

Empress Matilda, as drawn by me!
Many years before the Mary I succeeded to the throne of England, there was another woman who ruled England. That woman was Empress Matilda. She's a subject often brought up during Tudor studies since she was the first female ruler of England (not counting queens of tribes during the Saxon times like Boadicea) Sadly, she didn't get to successfully rule very long. Today I'll inform you about the life of Empress Matilda, and how her way paved the way for Tudor England to be worry some about female rule.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Margaret Beaufort: Lady Richmond (Part III)

Young Margaret Beaufort, as drawn by me!
Hey, sorry for the delay, I've been busy with a research paper for my AP English class (I'm doing it on the Princes in the Tower!) But now I've got time to write Today's post, so here you all go! Enjoy!

Upon the death of Margaret's husband, Edmund Tudor, life changed dramatically for Margaret Beaufort. She was now heavily pregnant with Edmund's child and still only thirteen. She need protection and her brother-in-law, Jasper Tudor, came to her rescue. He and Margaret travelled to his castle of Pembroke. Now the town of Pembroke and the surrounding area was very supportive of the Tudor family, especially the town of Tenby, so Margaret was in safe hands.

Then, on Janurary 28th 1457 Margaret finally, after a long a painful labour, gave birth to her son. She named him Henry, in honour of the King who had married her to Edmund. No doubts everyone was excited by the news, even the child was small he was healthy. Margaret and Jasper then took extra care in looking after the Little baby, who was also cared for by his Welsh servants, most notably, his Welsh governess Jane ap Hywel.

Margaret, however, was in a very unstable position.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Misconceptions on the Boleyns

Anne Boleyn's Falcon Badge
Today, Anne Boleyn and her family are more popular than ever! And sadly what comes with that popular is that the media and what not confuses people on who the real Boleyn family was. I've seen a whole range of misconceptions from Anne having a stepmother to George Boleyn hating his wife with a passion! None of them of true! So today I'll explain some of the most common ones and how just how wrong they are. Let's start shall we?

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Weird Search Keywords #9

Hello again! Ah, yes I've gotten more weird search terms so before Margaret Beaufort Part III comes out, I'll post the latest addition to the weird search term list!
  • henry vi and elizabeth of york love - heheh... wouldn't that be weird?
  • elizabeth of york edmund tudor and margaret beaufort - uh sure... Elizabeth of York met Edmund Tudor...

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Anime Margaret of Anjou!

Yes I've been back at the drawing table again! To be completely honest I've been a little distracted lately with playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (if you don't know what that is, it's only one of the best video games ever!!!) and so I've been drawing characters from that along with Tudor characters. One of the best that's come out so far is a shoujo style sketch of Margaret of Anjou. I got the idea from a pose I saw in one of my drawing instructional books and then turned it into Margaret. So you've probably gotten bored of my rambling now, and want to see the drawing right? Alright... Alright... here it is! Enjoy :)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Margaret Beaufort: Lady Richmond (Part II)

Margaret Beaufort, countess of Richmond
(from later in life)

Once Margaret Beaufort reached the marriageable age of 12 she had to be married right away. She was one of the wealthiest heiresses in the land and King Henry VI wanted to ensure that she would be married to be good and faithful husband. His choice was his own half-brother, Edmund Tudor. Now Edmund was much older than Margaret( he was about 24/5) but Margaret has mature for her age so it wasn't like he was marrying a child. A few years earlier Margaret had been made Edmund's ward (in order to protect Margaret financially) and now the couple were to be married. Margaret must've been more than excited about the prospect of marrying Edmund!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Little Known Siblings of Edward IV

Rose of York
Most people who've been studying the Wars of the Roses definitely know who Edward IV is, same for his brothers George and Richard and sister Margaret and there's plenty of research on both of them. but this post is not about them. Edward IV had other siblings, ones that don't always receive as much attention in books or the media, but today I'll post a brief bit on each one.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Margaret Beaufort; Lady Richmond (Part I)

a young Margaret Beaufort
Who doesn't love Margaret Beaufort? If you don't then go away and quite watching "The White Queen" :) heheh... (haven't seen it myself but I hear it's portraying her wrongly) Recently I put a poll on my blog as to who you think my next series should be on. I had four characters in mind but couldn't decided which one. And Margaret Beaufort won! As for the others, they'll get series too but it'll just be coming later. Now I personally think Margaret Beaufort is a remarkable character and is definitely worthy admiring. So let's examine her life and story shall we? Her story is one of dedication to faith, perseverance and courage. She truly is remarkable!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Even More Random Tudor Facts

Every now and then I like to post a selection of random facts for you! I know some students looked for interesting facts from the Tudor period and what not, and that many of you enjoy reading them! And yes, all the facts are true (unless I mention something otherwise) and come from the various books and articles I've read. Here's the latest set...

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Who Was The Real Jane Grey?

Lady Jane Grey
Ah yes, lady Jane Grey... she's been a favourite character of to study of mine for a long time. But do we really know what she was like? Over the years I've come across many different views of her. Some describe her as an ambitious teenager who overstepped her boundaries. Others see her as a passive innocent victim with no desire to be where she is. Others see her as a an innocent martyr for her faith who never wished to be queen. She's sometimes been described as a pawn other as a forceful player in a fateful game of politics and queenship. She's been called both a victim and a champion.

But just which one was she??

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Weird Search Keywords #8!

I know these posts always get lots of views so I'll try to post 'em more often! Here's the latest set!
  • uncommon names from each era - you mean... every. single. era. ever?
  • conuctuion between war if roses and elizabethan ear - Now that's a bit of a stretch...

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Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury (Part III)

Margaret Pole going to her execution
Okay before we begin, I'm sorry for the delay. My schedule got kinda hectic with school and tests and what not so I haven't had time to write my next post. But I have now and I better not keep you waiting any longer!

Once Margaret Pole joined Henry VIII's court, she was given the position as governess to his daughter Mary. She was like a second mother to the Princess and the two became fast friends. Margaret helped the Princess with her education and other things and the two started a life long friendship. It only seemed natural then that her children were friends with Mary also. Especially her son Reginald. Reginald Pole was older than Mary by about 4 or 5 years and nevertheless Mary had a crush on him. She as a child always wanted to marry Reginald, but events later would prevent her from doing some. Sometimes it's interesting to wonder what would've happened if Mary had become Reginald's wife but that, we'll never know.

Even though it had seemed Margaret was a new women and the wounds from the previous civil war forgotten, there was one thing that Henry VIII couldn't over look. The simple fact that Margaret's last name... was Plantagenet.

Happy Birthday Edward of Lancaster!

Today in Tudor History we have the birth of Prince Edward of Lancaster, son of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou. The Tudor family always supported the house of Lancaster, and thus saw Edward as the rightful heir. Ironically it's his death that let the Tudor found their namesake dynasty. But even though Edward only lived to be 17 he's one of the more exciting and interesting characters to study, and one of the greatest "What if'?"s. Of course there are a lot of different views on Edward but I personally think he took much after his paternal grandfather, Henry V and had he become king, would've ruled like him.

But putting that aside, Edward was born on October 13th 1453, his father at the time was suffered from a mental collapse (due to his inherited Schizophrenia) thus he didn't recognize him (well duh! right?) This though gave way to rumours about Edward's parentage. Don't believe the rumours though, they have no basis in fact as the Lancasterian's enemies made them up to make Queen Margaret look bad.  Actually realizing his wife was expecting his child may have played a role in Henry's mental collapse anyway! (it's like on the humorous side but I do think I read somewhere that someone thought this was true!)

If you wish to lean more of the last Lancastrian prince, my blog is the perfect place! :) Check out these posts:
  • Edward of Lancaster, Prince of Wales
  • Edward of Lancaster and Anne Neville
  • Misconceptions on Edward of Lancaster
  • Edward of Lancaster's Personality
  • The Lancastrian "Redemption"
  • Margaret of Anjou: The Warrior Queen "Part II"

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury (Part II)

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury
Okay, first off I'm sorry for the delay. I've had to type up a lot of essays for my classes in school so I haven't had time to post anything, (also I've been being busy playing video games... :) heheh... anyone else love Super Smash Bros. as much as do? :D that game's pretty addicting...!) So after a rather unexpected delay, here's the next part of my short Margaret Pole series.

Upon the death of her father George, Duke of Clarence, Margaret and her younger brother Edward (aka Warwick) were transferred to the custody of her aunt and uncle Richard of Gloucester and Anne Neville. There she and her brother had a warm welcome and they met their cousin Richard and Anne's son Edward as well as Richard's two illegitimate children Katherine and John. At their home in Middleham Margaret grew up in a rather nicely, away from the drama and scandal of Edward IV's court. But Edward IV did not live forever.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury (Part I)

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury
Lately the character of Isabel Neville has been more popular than ever! But have you ever wondered what became of her daughter, Margaret? Well then you're in luck! For today I will be examining in brief the life of Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury in a short 2-3 post series.  She was a Platanget of double Yorkist supporting blood. Her very presence must've reminded King Henry VIII of the blood and strife that was the Wars of the Roses and of the rebellious plots laid against his father by Yorkists. But Margaret wasn't like that. For though she was the daughter of Shakespeare's "False, Fleeting, Perjured Clarence" and history's famous 'Warwick the Kingmaker" Margaret was of no suspicious or ambitious mind.

Let's start at the most logical place shall we? The beginning.

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Weird Search Keywords #7

So once again there's been more weird seach terms showing up in blog's stats. Some of them I personally think are just hilarious :) Have a look for yourself!
  • margaret of anjou vs margaret beaufort - uh... they're on the same team! Remember!
  • tudor - how simplitic!
  • did anne neville have the little princes killed - no but she killed the big princes :D
  • margaret n jasper - what's the n for? :) 
  • i hate margaret beaufort - then there is something wrong with you...

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Tudor Drama Island Update

Okay, it's been awhile since I last posted the intro, and great number of you have checked it out! :) (Thanks to all you who did!) And I know you're just dying to see what happens next right? Well, I'm working on it. School's started again for me and I've been bogged down with homework (such is the life of an AP student...) But I will try my darnest to get the next 10 pages (give or take a few) done so you can read what happens next! It won't be too much longer, I promise!

Oh, and by the way. How are you liking it so far? Do you have a favourite character you want to win? (I'm not revealing the winner... hehheh...) I'd love to hear what you think!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Edward of Lancaster's Personality

Prince Edward of Lancaster
Edward of Lancaster is often forgotten about by historians, probably because he only lived for 17 years. But he is important none the less since he was the son of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou and the only Lancasterian heir. But description of him varies. Shakespeare calls him "Gentle, mild, and virtuous" in his play Richard III. While others say he "talking of nothing but cutting off heads and making war" But which is true? Who's the real Edward of Lancaster? Luckily for you I've been studying Edward and his personality and today I'll tell you what I found.

Let's start with Shakespeare's description, how accurate was it?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anne Boleyn Didn't Have 6 Fingers! (and Other Mistakes)

The Tudor Dynasty, (Henry VII is not pictured)
Sadly there are many mistakes that people have about Tudor history. If you're an expert like me they're easy to overlook but sadly, many people still believe them. And lately the atrocious "White Queen" show has been adding to that list. (Have I watched it? Nope. I refuse too, on my I personally think it's an insult to the Historical figures to portray them incorrectly, and make as many mistakes as I just know they do) So it's only right that I set the record straight. Here's some of the common mistakes made in conjunction with Tudor History.

(How do I know they are wrong? Well, I've been studying the period for years and it would take way too long to explain in great detail) Don't worry about the colours, I just added them for fun and decorations. Oh and heheh... prepare to have your mind blown!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Misconceptions on Elizabeth of York

Queen Elizabeth of York
Elizabeth of York has become a much more popular figure lately and thus, that means there's more on misconceptions people have been making up about her. Who was the real Elizabeth of York? That is what I wish to show to you today. The real Elizabeth of York is nothing like what you might think. So let's examine the many misconceptions on Elizabeth of York and disprove them!

  • Elizabeth of York was never in love with Henry VII. This is about as far from the truth as one could get. Elizabeth always loved Henry VII, that's why she approved of sending her meddlesome mother to Bermondsey Abbey. And remember after the death of Prince Arthur? Elizabeth went to comfort Henry, and vice versa. And look at all the children they had! There's an apple amount of evidence to disprove this one!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Random Tudor Facts

Here's yet another compiled list of random Tudor-related facts. Now, I know I post one each days but if one day you're thinking "hmm... I wonder where I can learn more of these random Tudor factoids?" Well, here you can! Maybe you already know all of these or maybe you know none of them! Either way, here's the list

  • Anne Boleyn's ancestors during the Wars of the Roses were primarily Yorkist.
  • Jasper Tudor ordered for the beheading of one Roger Vaughan, who had earlier killed Jasper's father, Owen Tudor

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anne Boleyn the Lady in the Tower (Conclusion)

Geunive Bujold as Anne Boleyn in "Anne of the Thousand Days
What most people (sadly) remember Anne Boleyn for is that she was beheaded. Say what...?! Well yes, Anne Boleyn's fall was quite quick and fast and no one was expected it. Still to this day we historians our debating over the exact details. Was Anne guilty as charged? How involved was Cromwell? Did Anne bring it upon herself? Was Henry VIII as victim too? Did Jane Seymour play any part? Sadly there's not enough evidence to come up with a 100% true conclusion. But, we historians can get pretty close, but not close enough to end all arguments.

I would like to give a shoutout to my friend, and fellow Tudor lover Pascale from Canada who showed me a fabulous documentary called "The Last Days of Anne Boleyn" which show cased brilliant costumes and it was interviews by the different historians... and Philippa Gregory (heh heh...)  And needless to say, I now know exactly what to talk about in this conclusion to the Anne Boleyn series, and I'll probably be constantly referring to it.

So here's the basics. Henry by this time, had grown tired of Anne (who couldn't provide him with a heir though, that's ironically Henry's fault not hers) and Thomas Cromwell, who was the king's chief advisor was looking to get Anne out of the way too. Not too much later Anne was accused of adultery and treason and ended up headless. (along with 5 other men)

Who was responsible for bring the charges upon Anne Boleyn?  Well... let's examine the various theories...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weird Search Keywords #6

The Tudor Rose
So yes... more people have been doing some google search and luckily have stumbled upon my blog! Although, they did arrive in some rather unusual ways... Here's what I mean...
  • how mary boleyn look like - I do believe that's incorrect grammar...
  • who did anne neville married - wow... more incorrect grammar!
  • anne neville pretty - well Richard III certainly thought so!
  • margaret beaufort, from richmontf   Ooh! Where's Richmontf? I wanna go there! :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Other Elizabeth of York

The rose of the house of York
"What other Elizabeth of York?" you might ask upon reading today's post's title. Well, I'm talking about the Elizabeth of York who was sister to Edward IV, Richard III etc. Who was she? She held the title of Duchess of Suffolk and was married to the son of a major Lancastrian. Was she too, like her scheming and power-hungry relatives? Why the heck would she marry a Lancastrian? What did she think of her brother's Wydeville marriage? Did she take after her father or her mother? These questions and more will be answered today as we explore the life and character of that other Elizabeth of York.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part VII)

One of my drawings of Anne Boleyn
Every self-respecting Tudor fan knows what happened at Greenwich palace on September 7th 1533. Queen Anne Boleyn was giving birth to her husband, Henry VIII's longed for heir. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for, hoping of course, that the heir would be a son. But sadly though were disappointed;

Queen Anne had given birth to a healthy heir, but it was a girl. (Little did any of them know what that girl would go on to accomplish) Though, her birth was still greeted with delight and the girl was named Elizabeth, after both her grandmothers, Elizabeth of York and Elizabeth Howard. The birth announcement was then changed and two "s"s added to the end of the word "Prince".

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Life of Jane ap Hywel

The Welsh flag, because like Henry VII, Jane was of Wesh orgin
I bet you haven't! But I found about her awhile ago and she's a character that I've found most intriguing. I'm even considering writing a novel from her perspective, since she's connected to a major even in Tudor history. What do I mean major event? Why! She was governess to the future Henry VII! And more importantly, she lived on to become governess to the future Henry VIII too. But of her person life, we know practically nothing. Still, I'm sure she's got a real exciting story to tell so I will try today to piece together the story of a Welsh common girl who was governess to a king.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who Really Killed the Princes in the Tower?

The famous Princes in the Tower painting
The alternate title for this post was going to be "Margaret Beaufort didn't kill the Princes you ninnys!" but that sounded kinda harsh... so I changed it :) Now, on to the topic...

Ah yes, the Princes in the Tower mystery. Everyone's got their own theory and everyone's claiming their theory is right. Then of course, you also got your people who have heard a little bit about it and don't really care much for the history at all. And combine that together and you'd end up hearing things like "Oh, it's Richard III, Shakespeare said so!" "Margaret Beaufort did it. I heard so from Philippa Gregory" "Henry VII because I'm a Ricardian and Richard III can do no wrong" "It was all Buckingham! Cuz it wasn't Richard III, some Ricardian told me so" and even stuff like "Anne Neville, cuz...uh... I don't like her I guess..."

Clearly they can't all be right, since Richard III, Margaret Beaufort, Henry VII, Buckingham and Anne Neville couldn't have all ganged up and said "I know! let's kill the Princes!". So who did it? Well, recently I've been studying the Wars of the Roses madly trying to figure this all out. And what did I find? Well, it may surprise you...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part VI)

Queen Anne Boleyn

It had been many years, since Henry VIII first starting looking for away to bid rid of his wife, Katherine of Aragon. He wanted a divorce since Katherine had first been married to Henry's elder brother, Arthur. Or at least, that why he said he wanted to be rid of her. In complete honesty, Henry wanted to be rid of Katherine because she had grown old, fat, and really, quite useless. And yet, he still had no son and heir. But one woman promised that, if he married her, he would have sons. This woman... perhaps you've heard of her... was named Anne Boleyn.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Early Years of Lord Darnley

Darnley and his younger brother, Charles
Most people only know Tudor History's "lord Darnley" as the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the same one that died when his house exploded. As I studied Mary, Queen of Scots and her reign I found the character of Lord Darnley quite intriguing. He wanted to be King of Scots with all the power that came with it, he had both royal English and Scottish blood he had so much potential but... if only he wasn't such a idiot! :) Sure, Darnley was well versed in courtly skills and spoke French fluently but... as for intellect, he was clearly lacking. So naturally I was intrigued but wanted to learn more about lord Darnley so ordered a copy of his one and only biography Darnley by Caroline Bingham

And needless to say I sure learned a whole lot more and really Darnley was quite and interesting characters. So today I'll tell you all about his early years, before he even met Mary Queen of Scots.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Elizabeth I!

Today in Tudor History we have the birthday of the, by far, most popular and well known Tudor figure... Elizabeth I! Queen Elizabeth is always one of my favourites and is much of a queen than Victoria or Elizabeth II could even dream of being! So yes, let's celebrate the birth of Elizabeth I today :) If you wish to learn more about this oh-so-awesome Tudor queen, just search "Elizabeth I" on my blog to see what comes up! Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Mary, The Eldest Boleyn Girl

Of all the characters in Anne Boleyn's story (which I'm chronicling in my series "Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower") One of the most forgotten about is that of her sister, Mary, so today I've decided to tell her story and let you all know what happened to her in her life time! For the following information I'm thankful to Alison Weir's book on Mary Boleyn, which gives me most of what I'll be talking about today. (and as I always say, Ms. Weir is really an amazing historian!)

So was Mary Boleyn? What did she really do? And whatever happened to her anyway? well, allow me to answer those questions! Lets start with the most logical place... Mary Boleyn's birth!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part V)

A Sketch of Anne Boleyn
At first, Anne Boleyn did not like Henry VIII at all. She had wanted to marry Henry Percy, son of the earl of Northumberland. But now that Percy was married off unhappily to lady Mary Talbot (I believe the couple later divorced) Anne was receiving a lot attention from the king. He even wrote her love letters which are now held in, of all places, the Vatican. (how they got there I have no idea!) It seemed King Henry was smitten with the lady Anne. And after awhile Anne began to warm up to the idea of marrying the king. He promised her queenship and all the power that came with it, which Anne sure liked the idea of!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weird Search Keywords #5

I said last time that they were would be more weird search words and I was right! Here's the next set of the rather odd terms entered into to things like Google or Yahoo or Bing that somehow directed people to my blog!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Tudor Drama Island Intro!

So here it is! After all the waiting I've finally finished the intro to my latest comic series... Tudor Drama Island! (a parody of Cartoon Network's show Total Drama Island) Here in the fictional island of Wamanakwa (a play on words from Total Drama Island's Wawanakwa) 22 of your favourite (and maybe not so favourite) Tudor characters in a competition to win a grand prize! Each time they will compete in a challenge and each time one character will be voted off until the final 2 fight it out for the victory! Hosted by England's own Victoria and Albert! Who will win? Will there be some drama? yup it's in the name Will there be humour? Oh by all means! Do you want to read it? Then look below!!

So here it is after all that waiting! 100% hand-drawn by me! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part IV)

Queen Anne Boleyn
I've always thought that, had Anne Boleyn married Henry Percy, she would've been much happier (and not nearly as popular of a historical figure). But not long after Anne's return to England from France, she wanted nothing more than to be Henry Percy's countess, and Percy loved Anne back. But there was one little problem however, someone else had fallen for the charming Anne Boleyn. And it just so happened to be the king himself, the infamous king Henry VIII. And what would be coming next would change the course of English history forever.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Claims of Lancaster and York

With the Wars of the Roses period more popular than ever, it only makes sense to explain the actual claims to the throne of the warring sides, Lancaster and York. Who had the better claim? Eh, I guess that's up to you but I always say Lancaster! :) So then, let's explain Lancaster's (the rightful house after all) claim first then, shall we?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part III)

Queen Anne Boleyn
After a long time abroad, Anne Boleyn finally came back to English shores in the early 1520s. What she didn't know is that now, she would be finding herself a major figure in English history. But first, she needed to make her debut at court. And what better way then with a pageant? Yes, when Anne arrived back (after, of course, meeting with her family and all that) she took part of one of the courts many pageants, which were actually more like little plays. She was aptly cast to play the part of "Perseverance" while her sister was chosen to play 'Kindness".

It was here that King Henry VIII first caught sight of her, and Katherine of Aragon too probably. (But little did Anne know what is store for her!)

Friday, August 23, 2013

Just a Quick Update

In case you didn't know, actually I didn't post about it so none of you knew heheh... :) I went on a little one day trip yesterday to Powell's City of Books in Portland. I usually go there about twice a year mainly because they have one thing I crave most. A "Tudor to Stuart" section. Yes I am not kidding you: An entire section of books dedicated to Tudor History!!!! (I always buy in bulk whenever I visit!) And usually I'm the only one there but yesterday I met a fellow Tudor fanatic from Canada, by the name of Pascale and if you're reading this, "Hello there!" :D

So you'll have to wait a little bit longer for the next Anne Boleyn series posts. Also, Tudor Drama Island is still in the works, (getting closer!) But once the first part of Tudor Drama Island is complete, I'll have it posted right away. Don't know what Tudor Drama Island is? Check out my post "Some Exciting News!" for more info :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Here's Some More Random Tudor Facts!

So I've decided today's post would be another collection of little known facts about Tudor history. Perhaps you'll something or maybe this will just be a review... but either way this will most certain be interesting :) So here's the list and go check it out!
  • 1431 was the year that Joan of Arc was burned at the stake but, it's the same year that Jasper Tudor was born.
  • via Katherine of Valois, Charles VII of France was uncle to Henry VI, as well as Edmund and Jasper Tudor.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part II)

Anne Boleyn
Once Mary "Rose" Tudor went to France to marry King Louis XII, she needed some English maids to join her. One such maid was Anne Boleyn. Anne though, was already in service at Margaret of Austria's court and would now be headed over to France. When she finally made it to France, Anne met back up with her elder sister Mary. No doubt the two were delighted to see each other again and spent lots of time chatting and other things. The Boleyn sisters also then met the French king's heir, his nephew Francis . The French court during the time was quite lavish and no doubt Anne enjoyed all the parties and banquet. But Louis XII was already quite old and couldn't live forever.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Joan of Arc--Anime Style!

Ever wondered what Joan of Arc would look like as an anime character? Well wonder no more! My latest drawing is of Joan and after I'm done blabbling on and on and on you'll get to see it! I decided to draw her in a sitting position just because I usually do standing positions and wanted to do something different. As for her costume, I designed it myself. We don't really know what Joan looked like so I used my imagination a bit for this one.

Oh and by the way, if you're wondering about the status of my comic Tudor Drama Island? It's getting close to be ready to be put on her. So it'll be coming up here pretty soon, don't worry! But enough about that, you wanna see the Joan of Arc drawing right? Okay then!
Here it is:

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part I)

Anne Boleyn!
When I was trying to decide who to do a series on next it occurred to me... "I haven't done one on Anne Boleyn!" And since Anne Boleyn is one of my favourite Tudor characters I decided to write my next series on her! Even though she's one of the more widely known and studied characters in Tudor History, some people still don't even know who she is and then there's a whole group of people who have heard of Anne Boleyn but don't know the real Anne Boleyn. So, who is the real Anne Boleyn? Well reader, that I shall hope to show to you in this brand new series!

And why not start at the most logical place? The beginning. Anne Boleyn was born in 1501 at Blicking Hall. Her parents were Thomas Boleyn and his wife Elizabeth Howard (sister to the duke of Norfolk) Anne was the couple's second daughter, the eldest daughter was a few years older and was named Mary. Anne's family, the Boleyns, were of some wealth during this time and so Anne grew up learning how to be a proper lady, like most girls of the time.

What was Anne's relationship with her sister like?

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Life of Katherine of Valois Part VI

Katherine of Valois with one of her ladies
Sorry for the long delay between posts, I've been busy helping at a book sale at my local library. So let's not wait any further...

Katherine of Valois was able to live in secret with her second husband, Owen Tudor and there three sons for quite a long time (about 6 or 7 years) By 1437 the couple decided they wanted to have another child (they already had three, Edmund, Jasper, and Owen jr.) and they didn't think they would ever be found out (though, they did fear it) and sadly, somehow someone found out. Soon everyone knew and Katherine of Valois' little world came crashing down.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Weird Search Keywords #4!

    Ah yes... it's happened again! More of those weird search keywords have popped up and let me tell ya.. .some of them certainly are a little strange... Let's have look shall we?
  • elizabeth wydeville and george's marraige happy - uh... sure... Elizabeth Wydeville and Clarence could've been happy had they married... but uh.. They Didn't!!! (duh)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jacquetta Wydeville: Lady Rivers

Jacquetta's importance in history is often over dramatized, she's made to seem more important than she actually was. In reality, she wasn't that great. So then, who was the real Jacquetta Wydeville? Well! that's what I decided to write about in today's post. Let's start with Jacquetta's birth, in around... oh... the 1410's I think (I could be wrong, don't quote me on that) she was born to the brother of the Count of Luxembourg, a rather minor French noble family. Though, she was related also to the Duke of Burgundy. We don't know much about her childhood, just that she grew up as any normal young French noblewoman  would've.

Once she was old enough to get married, England's king Henry V was already dead and the duke of Bedford (his brother) had taken up his quest of conquering France. But he needed an alliance with Burgundy. And the best way to secure an alliance in medieval times is to marry someone related to your ally. One such way for Bedford was to marry the young Jacquetta. And so, Jacquetta married the, much older than her, duke of Bedford. How did they get along?

Friday, August 9, 2013

The Life of Katherine of Valos Part V

The Early Tudor family, as drawn by me :)
Katherine is in the middle on the top row
Katherine of Valois was willing to risk everything to marry her true love, Owen Tudor, a welsh servant who worked in her household. It's not recorded when their secret marriage took place (mainly because it was just that, secret!) but I've always assumed it was somewhere between 1427 and 1429. And now that Owen and Katherine were married, they decided they wanted children of their own and soon Katherine became pregnant. And surely that was something shouldn't couldn't hide from the court. What was she to do?

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Some Exciting News!

Guess what everyone? My brilliant little brain just hatched another creative idea heheh... :) What is this little idea of mine? Three words: Tudor Drama Island!!!! 

What's that you ask? Well, it's a new cartoon series of mine that was inspired by Cartoon Network's show Total Drama Island Which I've been watching lately and it's totally awesome! And if you don't know what Total Drama Island is, it's basically a parody of Survivor. And if you don't know what the heck either of those things are, just google it, okay? :)

So I know what you're think: "Ooh! Who's gonna be in it?" Well I couldn't use everybody (otherwise I wouldn't be able to make other seasons) so I selected 22 characters from all throughout Tudor history that I felt would work well for this comic, and some of my favourites ;)
(why 22? that's how many were on Total Drama Island!)
Here's the list:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Tell When You're a Wars of the Roses Fan

Lancaster's Rose!
York's Rose!
Consider this the sequel to my "you know you're a Tudor fanatic when...". Lately' I've been the studying the Wars of the Roses and one might say, I'm bit of Wars of the Roses fanatic (okay... maybe a lot of a fanatic) So, when do you realize you're big fan of the Wars of the Roses, well let's enjoy some light humor today and find out!

Arbella Stuart: Anime Style!

Ever wondered what Arbella Stuart would look like if she was drawn Anime Style? I know I did so I decided to draw another picture of Arbella! Originally I was going to make it a perfect match to one of her portraits but, there ended up being too much detail for the size and it didn't quite look right. So here, after a good while of drawing is my anime-style Arbella Stuart!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Life of Katherine of Valois Part IV

Katherine of Valois
(a more modern rendition, I think)
After Henry V died, he left Katherine of Valois a young widow. Their nine months old son was now King Henry VI, though his uncle the duke of Gloucester was ruling as protector. Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester was the youngest brother of Henry V. Now Gloucester himself had always wanted the crown, remember that for a little bit later. Katherine, as Queen Dowager, got to stay at the court and help in raising her infant son, but all the time knowing at some point he would taken to be raised somewhere else. But until then, Katherine still got to spend time with him.

But as I mentioned earlier, Katherine of Valois was still young when Henry V died (why, she was only about 21 or 22!) so it was assumed that, at one point, she would marry again. But... to whom could a Queen Dowager remarry to? Well a unknown Welsh servants was certainly not anyone's first choice!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Misconceptions on Henry VII

King Henry VII
If I was ever asked, "Emily, who are your favourite Tudor characters?", Henry VII would be one the first people I list off. Yes, of all the Tudor monarchs Henry VII is my favourite, and one of favourite characters to study. There's a lot of people who call themselves "Tudor" fans but can hardly tell you anything about Henry VII, the man who founded the dynasty after all! But recently Henry VII has become a little more popular amongst Historians, why just two years ago he got his own biography (Henry VII: Winter King by Thomas Penn) And that was the first major biography of him since S. B. Chrimes wrote one back in like the 70's!

So with that comes many misconceptions people develop about Henry VII, are they all true? Heck no! So am I going to tell you truth about Henry VII in today's post? Oh, yes!

Here are the most common misconceptions people have/get about Henry VII and just how wrong each one is!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Elizabeth Wydeville: The Pre-Queen Years

Elizabeth Wydeville
Most people only know of Elizabeth Wydeville as being Edward IV's queen, his infamous power-sucking, self-seeking, greedy consort. But, what was she like before then? Was she just as diabolical? Or was she really just a sweetheart? With the recent boost of interest in the Wars of the Roses period, interest in Elizabeth Wydeville had increased too. And in case you've ever wondered just what the heck Elizabeth Wydeville was doing before she met king Edward, you're in luck cuz today, I'm going to explain it all!!

So let's get started eh? Let's dive into early years of Elizabeth Wydeville.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Life of Katherine of Valois Part III

Katherine of Valois, as the English Queen
As Henry V's new queen, Katherine of Valois went back to England with him. The English people were overjoyed to see their new, young queen and Katherine was happy to see them. For Katherine this meant the start of a whole new life. One that would be much better than her childhood were she was the neglected princess. Also, just as a side note it was the first time England had had a queen named Katherine, in case you were wondering. She represented England's future as rulers of France.

What did Katherine think of her husband, Henry V?

Monday, July 29, 2013

Frequently Asked Tudor Questions (And Their Answers!)

Many times when someone is first starting to learn about Tudor History, they have some questions. Or when I'm explaining Tudor history to someone, they also have some questions. So today I'd thought I'd compile a list of some FAQ's about Tudor History and answer them for you! If you're already and Tudor novice or expert, think of it as... a quiz! :) let's get started shall we!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Life of Katherine of Valois Part II

Queen Katherine of Valois
When Katherine of Valois was proposed as a possible bride for Henry V is when she really becomes known in history. And most know her only as Henry V's wife (thanks to Shakespeare's totally awesome play though) and there was much more to her than that. She watched as her own French towns fell and her father, King Charles VI, prone to fit of madness, could do nothing to stop it. First, the town of Harfleur was sieged. Harfluer put up some resistance but after a long siege King Henry and his English soldiers won! Now King Henry was headed back to the safety of the English held Calais.

What did Katherine think when she heard the news that Harfleur fell to the English? We may never know. It's my thought that she didn't really care. Given that she hardly grew up like a traditional princess and more like an extra daughter of a minor nobleman, she probably didn't really care much for that sort of thing.

But, the French nobles (who had recently been fighting with each other) weren't too happy that their port of Harfleur was now in English hands.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Weird Search Keywords!

Tip, it just doesn't end does it? The more popular my site becomes, it seems, the more it get! Heheh.. :) what could people have typed in this time? What randomness will ensue? Just keep reading and you'll find out!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Life of Katherine of Valois Part I

Katherine of Valois, if you didn't already know, is a majorly important Tudor characters as she is pretty much "the mother of the Tudor dynasty". Most only know her as Henry V's wife from "one of those Shakespeare plays or something..." But there's much more other than that. Personally, Katherine of Valois is one of my favourite all time Tudor characters and one of the most fun to study. In my opinion she totally deserves her own biography, (since she has none currently) But... until that happens there's all my new series on her life! Which is starting today, right now... in fact, right this very second.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Who was Edward IV's Real Queen? (Part III)

Elizabeth Wydeville
So think the story of Eleanor Butler and Edward IV ended when she died? Not even close! Later in the 1470's, Bishop Stillington, (the Bishop that married Edward and Eleanor) told some other people about it, namely the Duke of Clarence. Of course, Clarence had his own reasons for rebellion against Edward IV (really he wanted to be king himself) so he started spreading rumours around about Edward IV, one was that Edward himself was illegitimate, and the other? Edward was already married to one lady Eleanor Butler.

One can only imagine Elizabeth Wydeville's reaction..

Friday, July 19, 2013

One More Set of Little Known Facts!

The Tudor Rose!
If one "Tudor Fact of the Day" just isn't enough for you, here's a compilation of some random, interesting, or just plain true facts about Tudor History. Maybe you'll learn something or maybe this is just all stuff you already know!

But let's get to the list eh?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Who was Edward IV's Real Queen? (Part II)

A likeness of Eleanor Butler, based of family portraits and her possible skull.
Now that I've given you some background on who Eleanor Butler was let's cover the topic everyone is wondering about, Did she really marry Edward, earl of March? We can never know for sure but, we can get pretty close. I've personally always thought there was some truth to the precontract story, but just how much truth is there? Let's start with when Eleanor met Edward.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

And Yet Some More Tudor Anime!

I've been back at the drawing table again creating some more wonderful masterpieces! And today I have two more pieces of art to add the Tudor art page. My subjects were Empress Matilda (first queen of England in 1141) and Alice Chaucer, duchess of Suffolk. Both characters don't really have likenesses for me to base my drawings off of so I drew them how I've imagined them to look. So let's get right to it eh? Without any further ado, here the are!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots (Conclusion)

Mary Queen of Scots and her son, James VI.
Mary Queen of Scots' reign didn't last very long. In short it spanned the decade of the 1560's. But when Mary finally abdicated she hadn't yet reached 30 years of age. As a conclusion to the series on her reign, I'll describe for you how Mary finally lost her throne.

It all began after her marriage to Bothwell (which I described in Part VIII). No one supported Bothwell as king of Scots, mainly because he was more of a threat than Darnley could ever even hope to be. The citizens of Scotland also turned on Mary, believing now that she and Bothwell had plotted Darnley's murder and that Darnley was truly the victim. They did not want a murderess as their queen! What was Mary to do?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Who was Edward IV's Real Queen? (Part I)

On the surface the answer seems obvious "Elizabeth Wydeville!" But if you dig a little deeper, that "reasonable doubt" starts to creep in. What am I talking about? It's simple, Edward IV, known to be flirtatious and on good terms with the women of England, may have been already married (or more likely pre-contracted) to marry an Eleanor Butler before he married Elizabeth Wydeville. Thus, rendering his children by Elizabeth Wydeville illegitimate. Surely this may just simply seem nonsense to you but, there's actually quite a lot of evidence to say that Eleanor was really England's queen!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Attention Everyone! Good News!

I'm back everyone! Did you miss me? ;) Heheh... I had a good holiday in case you were wondering and had lots of fun and got some time to read. My book of choice? Eleanor, the Secret Queen: The Woman who Put Richard III on the Throne by John Ashton-Hill.

I saw this one available online and since I'm writing a research paper for school next year on the Princes in th Tower (since we can chose our own topic that's what I'm going to chose!) I decided to pick it up for some more insight into the Edward IV/Eleanor Butler precontract idea. I hadn't thought Edward really married Eleanor but then, I finished the book and I was thinking "Dang... this guy makes a really good point." And my whole point of view about Eleanor Butler (who was actually a member of the Talbot family!) so tomorrow be prepared to learn some more about the Eleanor Butler-Edward IV story.

And also coming up will be the conclusion to the Reign of Mary Queen of Scots series and not too far away is a series on Henry VI

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Attention Readers!

Attention Readers! I will be going on holiday for the next week so there won't be any posts... :( But don't fear! This'll give you time to read some of my posts you haven't read yet, or try the Tudor Quiz! (Ten more questions will be added) Also that means I won't be able to publish your comments until I get back.

So what does that mean for when I return? Lots of awesome Tudor-related posts and other goodies! :)

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part VIII

Mary Queen of Scots, as drawn by me!

The climax in the story of Mary, Queen of Scots is without a doubt, Darnley's murder. When I was in Eight grade we were required to do a book report on a historical book. (Of course with me being the major Tudor fan that I am) I did it on Alison Weir's Mary Queen of Scots and the Murder of Lord Darnley. And needless to say I had read it before (like 7 times!) and I was probably the one with the longest book! But what does that have to do with anything? Well, I determined Darnley's Murder as the major climax in Mary's story no matter what book you're reading. Why make it the climax?

It's simple, after Darnley was murdered everything changed for Mary. It was few months later she lost her crown.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Misconceptions on Anne Neville

Richard III and Anne Neville

Ah, Anne Neville, known affectionately as "The Kingmaker's Daughter" and best known for marrying Richard III! Since she didn't live past thirty, there's little that can be determined for sure about her. Anne Neville has always intrigued me as a character, first born into the house of York, then married into the house of Lancaster and then back to York. Though, most of it was not her choice. We aren't even sure what she looked like! We have a few likenesses but they don't give away too much (I always think of Claire Bloom as Anne Neville from the 1955 movie adaptation of Shakespeare's Richard III) Thus it can easily be assumed that the real Anne Neville is hidden under a cloud of misconceptions.

Monday, July 1, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part VII

One of Tudor history's greatest mysteries (besides the Princes in the Tower) is that of Mary, Queen of Scots. Mary has often been called the "daughter of debate" and she herself said, "in my end is my beginning" and this quite true. And no part of Mary's life has seen more study and careful research than that of Mary and the murder of her second husband lord Darnley. In fact, that's the even that got me interested in Mary Queen of Scots anyway. And every time I read a book about her I always get a little more excited when I reach that part. Hoping of course that the author will support my theory.

Yes, yes... everyone has their theories. And mine personally has a lot of little holes though, through no fault of my own, lots of information is lost to us forever. Most people tend to the think Darnley died in the explosion that blew up his house.. i mean, the house he was staying at (it was owned by someone else) Yet that is hardly the truth. See, contrary to popular belief...

Hold it a second, let's back up shall we?

Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28th Henry VIII's Birthday!

Henry VIII

Today in Tudor History, it was Henry VIII's birthday! Of all the Tudor characters he, (and his daughter Elizabeth) and the most well known. But sadly the most the average person can say about him is "Didn't he like... beheaded some of his 7 wives?" *sigh*. And in fact, if Henry's elder brother Arthur hadn't died, there would've been no Henry VIII. And also, what some people don't realize is that it's very very possible that a a girl named Eltherdreda Malte was Henry VIII's s illegitimate daughter! After all, he seemed to take a rather unusual interest in her affairs... But anyway, today's Henry VIII's birthday and I've always thought of him as Edward IV come back to life!  (See my post: Similarities between Henry VIII and Edward IV)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Was Arbella Stuart Elizabeth I's Rightful Heir?

Arbella Stuart

One of the big thing people remember about Elizabeth I was that she would never name a successor. Most historians assume that the only possible choice was James VI/I. In fact, at the end of the 1971 movie "Mary Queen of Scots" it even says "upon Elizabeth's death the crown passed onto the only possible heir, Mary's son James" This statement is clearly false (as is pretty much everything else in that movie, see my post "Mary Queen of Scots: The Movie") there were other heirs. And what if I told you someone other than James should've inherited Elizabeth's crown?

Her name was Arbella Stuart, daughter of Chalres Stuart and Elizabeth Cavendish. Her claim? Through her father she had direct Tudor blood from Henry VII himself! (via Margaret Tudor) And what claim did James have? Well, his mother was Mary, Queen of Scots and his father, Charles Stuart's older brother Henry, lord Darnley. Thus, he had also blood from Henry VII's daughter Margaret Tudor. I guess then you could say Arbella and James had practically the same claim. And James, being descendant from the senior line had a better claim. That would be true, if only he had been born in England.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part VI

Mary, Queen of Scots

After Mary's trusted Secretary was murdered by Ruthven and his cronies, Mary was their prisoner and Darnley was going to be their "puppet king" But Darnley finally used his head for once and realized his "Allies" were just using him. So he went back to see Mary and ask her forgiveness and told her he would be siding with her now. (He didn't tell anyone of this, not even his own father, the Earl of Lennox) Mary, eager to regain her throne now allied with Darnley and a few days later they escaped!

Where to? Mary was headed to the earl of Bothwell's estates. Bothwell had been a trusted ally of Mary's and Mary knew she could trust him. (it was not because she and Bothwell were having an affair as soooooo many people believe!) Now this is the point were Bothwell enters the drama. He was an enemy of Moray's and sided with Mary, though Mary sorta replaced Rizzio with him. That next June, a Major even happened. Mary's son (the future James VI/I) was born.

More Mistakes?? Yes, it is Possible!

You'd think after awhile people would learn... *sigh* :( But once again I have found enough mistakes in my various readings to warrant an entire blog post! At first their always quite humorous (like "how the heck does this stuff even get published?) and then it's just irritating... But no matter what you think of these seemingly careless mistakes, they are out there and here's some of the ones I've found
(Also, in case the authors of these books are reading this... I won't mention your title by name, should it hurt your sales ;) heheh... Or something like that)
  • In one of my books on Margaret of Anjou and (I can't believe the editor didn't catch this one! Edmund Tudor was mistaken called 'Edward' even when about 5-10 pages back he was called correctly as 'Edmund'
  • This next one isn't exactly factually related but in a book about Katherine there was a 7 right in the middle of word! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Earliest Tudors: From Edynfed Fychen to Maredudd ap Tudur

A major a people who study or write about the Tudor dynasty always start with Henry VII winning his throne at Bosworth. This is a okay but if you really wanted to go way back to the beginning the best place to start is with a rather, unknown, member of the Tudor family by the name of Edynfed Fychen. (Edynfed is a welsh variant of our English "Edward" in case you were wondering!) Now Edynfed was a son of another some-what wealthy land owner in Northern Wales. And that family had a tradition of being honoured servants unto the Welsh kings. (especially Llywellyn the Great) And that tradition continued until something major happened, Edward I officially conquered Wales (this is like 1200's guys, not too long after King John, okay?)

This meant no more Welsh kings for Edynfed Fychen and his descendants to serve. What would happen now?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Set of Little Known Tudor Facts

Sorry I haven't been posting a "Tudor Fact of the Day" for awhile, I've been using the space to let people know Blogger's have an issue with applying changes to the layout. Apparently it's been reported but it hasn't been fixed yet so yeah... (Hopefully they get it fixed soon because I found a much more fitting background than this one!) So to make up for the facts I haven't put up, here's a whole post full of them!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part V

Where did we last leave off last time? Ah, yes, Mary had just married Darnley and that had turned out for the worst. So Mary began to spend more time with her Secretary, David Rizzio. And Mary's half-brother Moray and his allies didn't approve of Darnley or Rizzio so one of them had to go. Moray himself was not involved in this plot but his most trusted ally Maitland was (and some other fellow Protestant nobles known as the "Confederate Lords") And the Confederate Lords decided that Rizzio would have to go, Mary would have to be their prisoner and Darnley would be their puppet king (after all, what else was Darnley good for?) It was time to play "Kingmaker" just like back in 1470's England.

So the night of March 9th 1566 started out like any other night. Mary was enjoying dinner with some of her friends, including Rizzio and her half-sister Jean. It seemed to go normally until...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Was the Real Elizabeth Wydeville?

Elizabeth Wydeville, Lady Grey

Ah... Elizabeth Wydeville... A character I have strong opinions about. So rather than write fluffy stuff I'll just come right out and say it: Elizabeth is to me the opposite of what Richard III is to the Ricardians. In other words: Elizabeth Wydeville was an evil mastermind and I've going to prove it. Recently historians have been trying to say that Elizabeth wasn't that bad and that it was really everyone else that turned on her. Basically they're saying "Elizabeth was just like Anne Boleyn, a good girl who's gotten a bad rep!" Sorry to break it to ya but Elizabeth deserves that bad rep!

But at first, she wasn't that bad. She had resigned herself to that fact that she would amount to nothing more than the wife of a minor nobleman by the name of John Grey. But then lord Grey is killed in battle and Elizabeth and her family turn Yorkist. Elizabeth had to then ask the new king Edward IV for her sons (Thomas and Richard Grey) would be able to inherit their father's lands. Traditionally it's said that Elizabeth waited for Edward on the side of the road. This isn't true in the slightest. First of all, how would Elizabeth know when Edward would be passing by? Second, no sources backs this up (trust me, I've looked) so instead, I've always thought it would make more sense for Edward, now looking for allies, invited to Wydevilles to court and there, met Elizabeth.

What happened next, everybody who's anybody that's studied the Wars of the Roses knows, Edward fell head over heels for Elizabeth and wanted her as his mistress.

More of My Tudor Anime Drawings!

Once again I've been back at the drawing table! It sure has been a while since I've posted one of these and now that school's out I'm sure more will be coming! So this time my subjects were Henry V, Maud Herbert and Mary, Queen of Scots. As for Henry V and Mary Queen of Scots I had likenesses to go off of but for Maud I went with how I envisioned her to look since we don't have a portrait to go off of. I hope you like them!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Misconceptions on Edmund Tudor

Edmund Tudor, earl of Richmond

One of the great "What ifs" of Tudor history is "What would have happened if Edmund Tudor survived? Would Edward IV ever have become king? Would Edward of Lancaster's descendants be on the throne today? And would Jasper Tudor have married someone besides Katherine Wydeville? We can never know for sure but it's sure fun speculate eh? I know i personally am I huge nerd when it comes to all things early Tudors :) Yes, I'm the type of freak out when Henry VII name is mentioned in history text book and of course one of my all-time favourite characters ever is Edmund Tudor. Sadly enough, thanks to the media and what not the world doesn't know who the real Edmund Tudor is and today, I'm going to prove those common misconceptions wrong!

Let's start shall we?