Friday, June 28, 2013

June 28th Henry VIII's Birthday!

Henry VIII

Today in Tudor History, it was Henry VIII's birthday! Of all the Tudor characters he, (and his daughter Elizabeth) and the most well known. But sadly the most the average person can say about him is "Didn't he like... beheaded some of his 7 wives?" *sigh*. And in fact, if Henry's elder brother Arthur hadn't died, there would've been no Henry VIII. And also, what some people don't realize is that it's very very possible that a a girl named Eltherdreda Malte was Henry VIII's s illegitimate daughter! After all, he seemed to take a rather unusual interest in her affairs... But anyway, today's Henry VIII's birthday and I've always thought of him as Edward IV come back to life!  (See my post: Similarities between Henry VIII and Edward IV)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Was Arbella Stuart Elizabeth I's Rightful Heir?

Arbella Stuart

One of the big thing people remember about Elizabeth I was that she would never name a successor. Most historians assume that the only possible choice was James VI/I. In fact, at the end of the 1971 movie "Mary Queen of Scots" it even says "upon Elizabeth's death the crown passed onto the only possible heir, Mary's son James" This statement is clearly false (as is pretty much everything else in that movie, see my post "Mary Queen of Scots: The Movie") there were other heirs. And what if I told you someone other than James should've inherited Elizabeth's crown?

Her name was Arbella Stuart, daughter of Chalres Stuart and Elizabeth Cavendish. Her claim? Through her father she had direct Tudor blood from Henry VII himself! (via Margaret Tudor) And what claim did James have? Well, his mother was Mary, Queen of Scots and his father, Charles Stuart's older brother Henry, lord Darnley. Thus, he had also blood from Henry VII's daughter Margaret Tudor. I guess then you could say Arbella and James had practically the same claim. And James, being descendant from the senior line had a better claim. That would be true, if only he had been born in England.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part VI

Mary, Queen of Scots

After Mary's trusted Secretary was murdered by Ruthven and his cronies, Mary was their prisoner and Darnley was going to be their "puppet king" But Darnley finally used his head for once and realized his "Allies" were just using him. So he went back to see Mary and ask her forgiveness and told her he would be siding with her now. (He didn't tell anyone of this, not even his own father, the Earl of Lennox) Mary, eager to regain her throne now allied with Darnley and a few days later they escaped!

Where to? Mary was headed to the earl of Bothwell's estates. Bothwell had been a trusted ally of Mary's and Mary knew she could trust him. (it was not because she and Bothwell were having an affair as soooooo many people believe!) Now this is the point were Bothwell enters the drama. He was an enemy of Moray's and sided with Mary, though Mary sorta replaced Rizzio with him. That next June, a Major even happened. Mary's son (the future James VI/I) was born.

More Mistakes?? Yes, it is Possible!

You'd think after awhile people would learn... *sigh* :( But once again I have found enough mistakes in my various readings to warrant an entire blog post! At first their always quite humorous (like "how the heck does this stuff even get published?) and then it's just irritating... But no matter what you think of these seemingly careless mistakes, they are out there and here's some of the ones I've found
(Also, in case the authors of these books are reading this... I won't mention your title by name, should it hurt your sales ;) heheh... Or something like that)
  • In one of my books on Margaret of Anjou and (I can't believe the editor didn't catch this one! Edmund Tudor was mistaken called 'Edward' even when about 5-10 pages back he was called correctly as 'Edmund'
  • This next one isn't exactly factually related but in a book about Katherine there was a 7 right in the middle of word! 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Earliest Tudors: From Edynfed Fychen to Maredudd ap Tudur

A major a people who study or write about the Tudor dynasty always start with Henry VII winning his throne at Bosworth. This is a okay but if you really wanted to go way back to the beginning the best place to start is with a rather, unknown, member of the Tudor family by the name of Edynfed Fychen. (Edynfed is a welsh variant of our English "Edward" in case you were wondering!) Now Edynfed was a son of another some-what wealthy land owner in Northern Wales. And that family had a tradition of being honoured servants unto the Welsh kings. (especially Llywellyn the Great) And that tradition continued until something major happened, Edward I officially conquered Wales (this is like 1200's guys, not too long after King John, okay?)

This meant no more Welsh kings for Edynfed Fychen and his descendants to serve. What would happen now?

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Set of Little Known Tudor Facts

Sorry I haven't been posting a "Tudor Fact of the Day" for awhile, I've been using the space to let people know Blogger's have an issue with applying changes to the layout. Apparently it's been reported but it hasn't been fixed yet so yeah... (Hopefully they get it fixed soon because I found a much more fitting background than this one!) So to make up for the facts I haven't put up, here's a whole post full of them!

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part V

Where did we last leave off last time? Ah, yes, Mary had just married Darnley and that had turned out for the worst. So Mary began to spend more time with her Secretary, David Rizzio. And Mary's half-brother Moray and his allies didn't approve of Darnley or Rizzio so one of them had to go. Moray himself was not involved in this plot but his most trusted ally Maitland was (and some other fellow Protestant nobles known as the "Confederate Lords") And the Confederate Lords decided that Rizzio would have to go, Mary would have to be their prisoner and Darnley would be their puppet king (after all, what else was Darnley good for?) It was time to play "Kingmaker" just like back in 1470's England.

So the night of March 9th 1566 started out like any other night. Mary was enjoying dinner with some of her friends, including Rizzio and her half-sister Jean. It seemed to go normally until...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Who Was the Real Elizabeth Wydeville?

Elizabeth Wydeville, Lady Grey

Ah... Elizabeth Wydeville... A character I have strong opinions about. So rather than write fluffy stuff I'll just come right out and say it: Elizabeth is to me the opposite of what Richard III is to the Ricardians. In other words: Elizabeth Wydeville was an evil mastermind and I've going to prove it. Recently historians have been trying to say that Elizabeth wasn't that bad and that it was really everyone else that turned on her. Basically they're saying "Elizabeth was just like Anne Boleyn, a good girl who's gotten a bad rep!" Sorry to break it to ya but Elizabeth deserves that bad rep!

But at first, she wasn't that bad. She had resigned herself to that fact that she would amount to nothing more than the wife of a minor nobleman by the name of John Grey. But then lord Grey is killed in battle and Elizabeth and her family turn Yorkist. Elizabeth had to then ask the new king Edward IV for her sons (Thomas and Richard Grey) would be able to inherit their father's lands. Traditionally it's said that Elizabeth waited for Edward on the side of the road. This isn't true in the slightest. First of all, how would Elizabeth know when Edward would be passing by? Second, no sources backs this up (trust me, I've looked) so instead, I've always thought it would make more sense for Edward, now looking for allies, invited to Wydevilles to court and there, met Elizabeth.

What happened next, everybody who's anybody that's studied the Wars of the Roses knows, Edward fell head over heels for Elizabeth and wanted her as his mistress.

More of My Tudor Anime Drawings!

Once again I've been back at the drawing table! It sure has been a while since I've posted one of these and now that school's out I'm sure more will be coming! So this time my subjects were Henry V, Maud Herbert and Mary, Queen of Scots. As for Henry V and Mary Queen of Scots I had likenesses to go off of but for Maud I went with how I envisioned her to look since we don't have a portrait to go off of. I hope you like them!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Misconceptions on Edmund Tudor

Edmund Tudor, earl of Richmond

One of the great "What ifs" of Tudor history is "What would have happened if Edmund Tudor survived? Would Edward IV ever have become king? Would Edward of Lancaster's descendants be on the throne today? And would Jasper Tudor have married someone besides Katherine Wydeville? We can never know for sure but it's sure fun speculate eh? I know i personally am I huge nerd when it comes to all things early Tudors :) Yes, I'm the type of freak out when Henry VII name is mentioned in history text book and of course one of my all-time favourite characters ever is Edmund Tudor. Sadly enough, thanks to the media and what not the world doesn't know who the real Edmund Tudor is and today, I'm going to prove those common misconceptions wrong!

Let's start shall we?

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part IV

Mary, Queen of Scots

So the other day I was reading a book I got at Powell's city of Books about Mary Queen of Scots. It was called "Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles" and it was written in 1935, by a German named Stefan Zwieg (hence, my copy was an English translation, also from the 30's) and well I thought "Huh, that's rather odd.. It's only 5 bucks I'll give it try!" (Seriously, it was only 5 bucks) And I was reading the first couple chapters up to the part about the Rizzio murder and... I was thinking "Dang. This guys actually gotten everything right!" I was hard to believe actually. Then he introduced Bothwell and my hopes of the rest of the book being accurate went down the toilet. He spent a whole chapter saying things along the lines of "Mary's deep passion for Bothwell led her to plot to murder her husband, as the Casket Letters show. Moray and the rest of them were totally innocent."

Yeah like every other line said "Mary's passion for Bothwell" but I did like that every time he mentioned Darnley the words "stupid" and "idiot" were used :) he even once used "nincompoop"  

And it just worse, and worse and I felt like I was reading Strickland again! The author did a total 180! And then it occurred to me... Some people really believed this! So, wanna know what really happened to Mary Queen of Scots after her marriage with Darnley? Well, I then have the answer!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rather Odd Search Keywords Part II!

I dunno why but right after I posted the last "weird search words" post I got a whole host of odd ones... (Coincidence? I think not! Heheh... Just kidding! It probably was!) and since my last one was pretty popular and because everyone needs a little humour every now and then! Here is Part II of the odd keywords searched to find my blog! Hope you enjoy ;)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Eleanor Cobham: The Infamous Duchess of Gloucester

Think Anne Boleyn woman to have a rapid fall from power? Think again! A few decades before Anne Boleyn showed up a woman named Eleanor Cobham was causing a scandal. Since I know Anne Boleyn has such a big fan base (i should know I'm one of 'em!) I thought telling a similar "Anne Boleyn" story might intrege some of you. And she was the Duchess of Gloucester, and don't mean Richard III or Edward III's youngest son Thomas. I'm talking about Henry V's youngest brother, Humphrey.

Eleanor Cobham with her husband, Humphrey Duke of Gloucester

So what is the story of Eleanor? Why is she infamous? Well, let's begin shall we with the logical place to start eh? the beginning!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part III

lord Darnley

Mary, Queen of Scots

Everything changed for Mary of Scotland when the English Lord Darnley showed up one day. Elizabeth I, queen of England, declared publicly how upset she was that Darnley went to Scotland without her permission and said how she didn't want Mary to marry him. Actually Elizabeth was using reverse psychology. She really did want Mary to marry Darnley because she knew Darnley true nature and it could mean an end to Mary's rule and keep powerful Catholics away from England's back door.

But, who was this "lord Darnley"?

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

English Kings of France? How This Almost Happened!

If you've been studying Tudor history as long as I have you've probably since how our favourite Tudor monarchs call themselves "Kings/Queens of France" and have you, like me, ever wondered... Why the heck do they have that empty title? Well recently I've made King Henry V of England my focus of study (which means there's a series in the sometime near future!) and now I can tell you exactly why the English ever thought they were the rightful "Kings of France".

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Reign of Mary Queen of Scots Part II

Mary Queen of Scots, painting during her reign in Scotland

After her first couple of years as acting as Scotland's queen, Mary Queen of Scots started to figure out how things worked in Scotland. She still relied heavily upon the advice of her elder half-brother Lord James Stuart, who was actually regent of Scotland until she showed up. But Mary still had her "inner circle" of friends and most of them were her former attendants or fellow Catholics. And as Scottish history has proved, factions are a dangerous thing. But put that aside for now, Mary realized something had to be done, and that something was to find a suitable husband. Not knowing much of how diplomatic affairs like this worked, she asked her cousin and fellow Queen Elizabeth I for help.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Histories Forgotten Countesses: Amy Robsart

This unindentified protrait may actually be Amy Robsart!
Usually if people had heard of Amy Robsart, they don't know anything other than she was Robert Dudley's wife. But there was much more to the story than that! For example, did you know the Robert and Amy's marriage was made not as a political move but, as a love match? So Today, before I get back to my Mary Queen of Scots series, I'll tell the story of a otherwise forgotten character by the name of Amy Robsart.
Amy's parents were John Robsart and Elizabeth Applyard.

Elizabeth had been married before and had already had about 4 or 5 children. Thus, when  Amy was born she already had some half-siblings. After Amy's birth there were no more children born of John and Elizabeth. Amy had a typical childhood for a wealthy noblewoman. This meant she was well-educated as well as prepared for her duties as a housewife. She also got along quite well wife her half brothers and sisters. All throughout Amy's life her siblings were some of her best friends.