Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weird Search Keywords #7

So once again there's been more weird seach terms showing up in blog's stats. Some of them I personally think are just hilarious :) Have a look for yourself!
  • margaret of anjou vs margaret beaufort - uh... they're on the same team! Remember!
  • tudor - how simplitic!
  • did anne neville have the little princes killed - no but she killed the big princes :D
  • margaret n jasper - what's the n for? :) 
  • i hate margaret beaufort - then there is something wrong with you...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Tudor Drama Island Update

Okay, it's been awhile since I last posted the intro, and great number of you have checked it out! :) (Thanks to all you who did!) And I know you're just dying to see what happens next right? Well, I'm working on it. School's started again for me and I've been bogged down with homework (such is the life of an AP student...) But I will try my darnest to get the next 10 pages (give or take a few) done so you can read what happens next! It won't be too much longer, I promise!

Oh, and by the way. How are you liking it so far? Do you have a favourite character you want to win? (I'm not revealing the winner... hehheh...) I'd love to hear what you think!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Edward of Lancaster's Personality

Prince Edward of Lancaster
Edward of Lancaster is often forgotten about by historians, probably because he only lived for 17 years. But he is important none the less since he was the son of Henry VI and Margaret of Anjou and the only Lancasterian heir. But description of him varies. Shakespeare calls him "Gentle, mild, and virtuous" in his play Richard III. While others say he "talking of nothing but cutting off heads and making war" But which is true? Who's the real Edward of Lancaster? Luckily for you I've been studying Edward and his personality and today I'll tell you what I found.

Let's start with Shakespeare's description, how accurate was it?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Anne Boleyn Didn't Have 6 Fingers! (and Other Mistakes)

The Tudor Dynasty, (Henry VII is not pictured)
Sadly there are many mistakes that people have about Tudor history. If you're an expert like me they're easy to overlook but sadly, many people still believe them. And lately the atrocious "White Queen" show has been adding to that list. (Have I watched it? Nope. I refuse too, on my I personally think it's an insult to the Historical figures to portray them incorrectly, and make as many mistakes as I just know they do) So it's only right that I set the record straight. Here's some of the common mistakes made in conjunction with Tudor History.

(How do I know they are wrong? Well, I've been studying the period for years and it would take way too long to explain in great detail) Don't worry about the colours, I just added them for fun and decorations. Oh and heheh... prepare to have your mind blown!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Misconceptions on Elizabeth of York

Queen Elizabeth of York
Elizabeth of York has become a much more popular figure lately and thus, that means there's more on misconceptions people have been making up about her. Who was the real Elizabeth of York? That is what I wish to show to you today. The real Elizabeth of York is nothing like what you might think. So let's examine the many misconceptions on Elizabeth of York and disprove them!

  • Elizabeth of York was never in love with Henry VII. This is about as far from the truth as one could get. Elizabeth always loved Henry VII, that's why she approved of sending her meddlesome mother to Bermondsey Abbey. And remember after the death of Prince Arthur? Elizabeth went to comfort Henry, and vice versa. And look at all the children they had! There's an apple amount of evidence to disprove this one!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Random Tudor Facts

Here's yet another compiled list of random Tudor-related facts. Now, I know I post one each days but if one day you're thinking "hmm... I wonder where I can learn more of these random Tudor factoids?" Well, here you can! Maybe you already know all of these or maybe you know none of them! Either way, here's the list

  • Anne Boleyn's ancestors during the Wars of the Roses were primarily Yorkist.
  • Jasper Tudor ordered for the beheading of one Roger Vaughan, who had earlier killed Jasper's father, Owen Tudor

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Anne Boleyn the Lady in the Tower (Conclusion)

Geunive Bujold as Anne Boleyn in "Anne of the Thousand Days
What most people (sadly) remember Anne Boleyn for is that she was beheaded. Say what...?! Well yes, Anne Boleyn's fall was quite quick and fast and no one was expected it. Still to this day we historians our debating over the exact details. Was Anne guilty as charged? How involved was Cromwell? Did Anne bring it upon herself? Was Henry VIII as victim too? Did Jane Seymour play any part? Sadly there's not enough evidence to come up with a 100% true conclusion. But, we historians can get pretty close, but not close enough to end all arguments.

I would like to give a shoutout to my friend, and fellow Tudor lover Pascale from Canada who showed me a fabulous documentary called "The Last Days of Anne Boleyn" which show cased brilliant costumes and it was interviews by the different historians... and Philippa Gregory (heh heh...)  And needless to say, I now know exactly what to talk about in this conclusion to the Anne Boleyn series, and I'll probably be constantly referring to it.

So here's the basics. Henry by this time, had grown tired of Anne (who couldn't provide him with a heir though, that's ironically Henry's fault not hers) and Thomas Cromwell, who was the king's chief advisor was looking to get Anne out of the way too. Not too much later Anne was accused of adultery and treason and ended up headless. (along with 5 other men)

Who was responsible for bring the charges upon Anne Boleyn?  Well... let's examine the various theories...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Weird Search Keywords #6

The Tudor Rose
So yes... more people have been doing some google search and luckily have stumbled upon my blog! Although, they did arrive in some rather unusual ways... Here's what I mean...
  • how mary boleyn look like - I do believe that's incorrect grammar...
  • who did anne neville married - wow... more incorrect grammar!
  • anne neville pretty - well Richard III certainly thought so!
  • margaret beaufort, from richmontf   Ooh! Where's Richmontf? I wanna go there! :)

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Other Elizabeth of York

The rose of the house of York
"What other Elizabeth of York?" you might ask upon reading today's post's title. Well, I'm talking about the Elizabeth of York who was sister to Edward IV, Richard III etc. Who was she? She held the title of Duchess of Suffolk and was married to the son of a major Lancastrian. Was she too, like her scheming and power-hungry relatives? Why the heck would she marry a Lancastrian? What did she think of her brother's Wydeville marriage? Did she take after her father or her mother? These questions and more will be answered today as we explore the life and character of that other Elizabeth of York.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part VII)

One of my drawings of Anne Boleyn
Every self-respecting Tudor fan knows what happened at Greenwich palace on September 7th 1533. Queen Anne Boleyn was giving birth to her husband, Henry VIII's longed for heir. This was the moment everyone had been waiting for, hoping of course, that the heir would be a son. But sadly though were disappointed;

Queen Anne had given birth to a healthy heir, but it was a girl. (Little did any of them know what that girl would go on to accomplish) Though, her birth was still greeted with delight and the girl was named Elizabeth, after both her grandmothers, Elizabeth of York and Elizabeth Howard. The birth announcement was then changed and two "s"s added to the end of the word "Prince".

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Life of Jane ap Hywel

The Welsh flag, because like Henry VII, Jane was of Wesh orgin
I bet you haven't! But I found about her awhile ago and she's a character that I've found most intriguing. I'm even considering writing a novel from her perspective, since she's connected to a major even in Tudor history. What do I mean major event? Why! She was governess to the future Henry VII! And more importantly, she lived on to become governess to the future Henry VIII too. But of her person life, we know practically nothing. Still, I'm sure she's got a real exciting story to tell so I will try today to piece together the story of a Welsh common girl who was governess to a king.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Who Really Killed the Princes in the Tower?

The famous Princes in the Tower painting
The alternate title for this post was going to be "Margaret Beaufort didn't kill the Princes you ninnys!" but that sounded kinda harsh... so I changed it :) Now, on to the topic...

Ah yes, the Princes in the Tower mystery. Everyone's got their own theory and everyone's claiming their theory is right. Then of course, you also got your people who have heard a little bit about it and don't really care much for the history at all. And combine that together and you'd end up hearing things like "Oh, it's Richard III, Shakespeare said so!" "Margaret Beaufort did it. I heard so from Philippa Gregory" "Henry VII because I'm a Ricardian and Richard III can do no wrong" "It was all Buckingham! Cuz it wasn't Richard III, some Ricardian told me so" and even stuff like "Anne Neville, cuz...uh... I don't like her I guess..."

Clearly they can't all be right, since Richard III, Margaret Beaufort, Henry VII, Buckingham and Anne Neville couldn't have all ganged up and said "I know! let's kill the Princes!". So who did it? Well, recently I've been studying the Wars of the Roses madly trying to figure this all out. And what did I find? Well, it may surprise you...

Monday, September 9, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part VI)

Queen Anne Boleyn

It had been many years, since Henry VIII first starting looking for away to bid rid of his wife, Katherine of Aragon. He wanted a divorce since Katherine had first been married to Henry's elder brother, Arthur. Or at least, that why he said he wanted to be rid of her. In complete honesty, Henry wanted to be rid of Katherine because she had grown old, fat, and really, quite useless. And yet, he still had no son and heir. But one woman promised that, if he married her, he would have sons. This woman... perhaps you've heard of her... was named Anne Boleyn.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Early Years of Lord Darnley

Darnley and his younger brother, Charles
Most people only know Tudor History's "lord Darnley" as the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, and the same one that died when his house exploded. As I studied Mary, Queen of Scots and her reign I found the character of Lord Darnley quite intriguing. He wanted to be King of Scots with all the power that came with it, he had both royal English and Scottish blood he had so much potential but... if only he wasn't such a idiot! :) Sure, Darnley was well versed in courtly skills and spoke French fluently but... as for intellect, he was clearly lacking. So naturally I was intrigued but wanted to learn more about lord Darnley so ordered a copy of his one and only biography Darnley by Caroline Bingham

And needless to say I sure learned a whole lot more and really Darnley was quite and interesting characters. So today I'll tell you all about his early years, before he even met Mary Queen of Scots.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Elizabeth I!

Today in Tudor History we have the birthday of the, by far, most popular and well known Tudor figure... Elizabeth I! Queen Elizabeth is always one of my favourites and is much of a queen than Victoria or Elizabeth II could even dream of being! So yes, let's celebrate the birth of Elizabeth I today :) If you wish to learn more about this oh-so-awesome Tudor queen, just search "Elizabeth I" on my blog to see what comes up! Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Mary, The Eldest Boleyn Girl

Of all the characters in Anne Boleyn's story (which I'm chronicling in my series "Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower") One of the most forgotten about is that of her sister, Mary, so today I've decided to tell her story and let you all know what happened to her in her life time! For the following information I'm thankful to Alison Weir's book on Mary Boleyn, which gives me most of what I'll be talking about today. (and as I always say, Ms. Weir is really an amazing historian!)

So was Mary Boleyn? What did she really do? And whatever happened to her anyway? well, allow me to answer those questions! Lets start with the most logical place... Mary Boleyn's birth!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Anne Boleyn: The Lady in the Tower (Part V)

A Sketch of Anne Boleyn
At first, Anne Boleyn did not like Henry VIII at all. She had wanted to marry Henry Percy, son of the earl of Northumberland. But now that Percy was married off unhappily to lady Mary Talbot (I believe the couple later divorced) Anne was receiving a lot attention from the king. He even wrote her love letters which are now held in, of all places, the Vatican. (how they got there I have no idea!) It seemed King Henry was smitten with the lady Anne. And after awhile Anne began to warm up to the idea of marrying the king. He promised her queenship and all the power that came with it, which Anne sure liked the idea of!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weird Search Keywords #5

I said last time that they were would be more weird search words and I was right! Here's the next set of the rather odd terms entered into to things like Google or Yahoo or Bing that somehow directed people to my blog!