Friday, December 27, 2013

Weird Search Keywords #10

Yes, yes... you all know the drill :) People type in weird and or random keywords and somehow those lead them to my blog. Here's the latest list:
  • how to mary eldest girl - and on a completely unrelated note...
  • anne neville, compared to the anne in richard iii - I believe if you look close enough, you'll find that they are the same historical figure!
  • did mary boleyn look like - look like...what?!
  • Katherine parr nurse agnes strickland - heheh... yup, they met at the hospital when Agnes came down with the flu!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Another Set of Random Tudor Facts :)

The other day I realized I hadn't done a collection of random Tudor facts recently! So, for those of you who've been wanting to see one, here it is!
  • Katherine Parr's ancestors during the Wars of the Roses favored the Yorkist cause
  • Anne Boleyn had two younger brothers, Thomas and Henry, who died young
  • Although Lady Margaret Douglas had a total of 9 children, only two survived into adulthood: Henry (lord Darnley) and Charles. There was a almost 10 year age gap between the two.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Margaret Beaufort: Lady Richmond (Part IV)

Margaret Beaufort, as drawn by me!
Life changed for Margaret Beaufort when Edward IV took over as king. Her brother-in-law, Jasper Tudor, was forced into exile and her husband easily changed sides over to York. Now she her son's warship was given over to the Yorkist lord William Herbert. It seems life couldn't get any worse and even though Margaret and her husband lord Stafford were getting along quite well, they may have experiences some troubles in their marriage at this point. And Margaret decided to keep her Lancastrian sympathies behind the scenes during this time, it was safer for her anyway.

During this time, Margaret stays most in the background and the Yorkists take center stage. But this was exactly the reason why Margaret had married Henry Stafford years earlier, now Edward IV could not marry her off to some Yorkist, who would take her inheritance and lands. With lord Stafford as her husband, Margaret was safe. But with York on the throne, how safe could she be?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Henry VI!

King Henry VI
Guess what everyone! Today is none other than our favourite late medieval king, Henry VI's, birthday!! :D When he was born his father, Henry V was off fighting wars in France and his mother, Katherine of Valois was more than delighted. He was expected be grow up to be a great conqueror like his father but sadly, Henry V's earlier death left him as king at age 9 months. As he grew up, he was showing he wasn't even capable of ruling England, let alone an empire in France.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Empress Matilda; England's First Queen

Empress Matilda, as drawn by me!
Many years before the Mary I succeeded to the throne of England, there was another woman who ruled England. That woman was Empress Matilda. She's a subject often brought up during Tudor studies since she was the first female ruler of England (not counting queens of tribes during the Saxon times like Boadicea) Sadly, she didn't get to successfully rule very long. Today I'll inform you about the life of Empress Matilda, and how her way paved the way for Tudor England to be worry some about female rule.