Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Birthday King Henry VII!

Okay, first things first... I've real sorry about the delay between posts, I've been really busy with schoolwork since the semester's ending.. (and I'll admit it, I've been slacking off playing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn because darn it that game is just so addictive!) But Today is none other than our very own King Henry VII and Tudor Dynasty's founder's birthday!

Henry VII is a rather overlooked and misunderstood Tudor figure. Many historians start the Tudor story with him becoming king and then talk for a paragraph or two on his reign then it's on to Henry VIII! But they don't really there's so much more than that. Henry VII's story is incredible and remarkable and I'll always admired him. He went from being a fatherless, penniless exile to becoming King of England and united the English people after a long period of civil war. He was a truly good king and his marriage to Elizabeth of York was one of England's greatest love stories.

I suggest reading more about the real Henry VII if you haven't already! My blog is a great place to start (*hint hint*) just enter "henry vii" or "henry tudor" into the search bar and start learning.
And Happy Birthday Henry VII!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Margaret Beaufort: Lady Richmond (Part V)

Lady Margaret Beaufort
After the Lancastrian Re-adeption ended things were looking down for Margaret. The house of York was back, and was back to stay. And upon the death of her husband, lord Henry Stafford, she became a widow. With a York in power, Margaret feared marriage to a Yorkist. So she began to do a little plotting of her own. She went to the court of Edward IV and pretended to play defeated but really, she was planning on finding a way to bring back what was left of her family and friends, namely Jasper and Henry Tudor.

While at court, Margaret met a kindred spirit in lord Thomas Stanley. lord Stanley had been married once before to Eleanor Neville and had had children by her. He cleared didn't need to marry again, but when he met Margaret the two hit it off quite well. Stanley, being by nature ambitious and scheming liked the idea of marrying a Beaufort and Margaret knew Stanley to be a powerful man. An alliance between them would've been perfect, and Margaret wasn't going to let a great chance like this escape her. She married him and this made Edward IV naturally suspicious.