Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So... I Finally Read Wolf Hall...

The cover of the novel
(I had this edition)
My AP Literature teacher could not have made things easier for me this summer. We were required to read and annotate a book of a certain list, which for me means "aw dang it... time to waste time reading some book I couldn't care less about." but to my surprise, "Wolf Hall'' was on the list and well... my homework basically had already done it's self.

Now, I've heard about this famous novel and quite frankly I've very glad it was this one and not Philippa Gregory! But needless to say I knew going into it, this book was pro-Cromwell, anti-Anne- which is why I hadn't read yet. So, what were my thoughts?

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Truth About Isabella and Mortimer

Queen Isabella
Don't we all know the story? Edward II was one pretty corrupt dude, and those De Spencers were pretty evil. So to retaliate, his wife Isabella had an affair with Roger Mortimer. Then after deposing Edward, they ruled England them and weren't all that nice. Isn't that how it went? Not really!

Isabella of France, Edward II's wife has be quite vilified throughout the ages. Was it justified? I'd say not. She's really a remarkable woman who stood up against the injustices done to her. True, she and Mortimer did collaborate but were they really romantically involved? It's highly unlikely.

But let's back up just one moment. Why was Isabella and lord Mortimer setting up a rebellion anyway?