Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Weird Search Terms #12

You knew there would be more coming... it's quite intriguing sometimes what leads people to my blog here's the latest list of the rather strange and unsual keyword searchs that brought viewers like you here:
  • a is for amy who fell down the stairs -- let's learn the alphabet; Tudor style! :D
  • duchess of rutland , antiques roadshow -- yup, she had a cameo appearance on that show! :)
  • what mary scots look like? - why we talk like caveman? 
  • Little known Tudor facts facts- because sometimes you just need to know facts, about your facts.
  • similarites between henry viii and edward vi - Well I'd always thought there was an odd resemblence... (just as a side note, right after my webstie one the search results when i clicked the link was "what's the relationship between Henry VIII and Edward VI)
  • Did Mary queen of scot have 6 fingers on one hand- see Anne Boleyn? It's nothing out of the ordinary ;)
  • how to draw the word emily - I would suggest using the letters 'e' 'm' 'i' 'l' and 'y' in that order.
  • edward 11's queen consort- we've had eleven Edwards already? marvelous!
  • jacquetta tudor - oh yeah, i remember her... she's friends with Owen Wydeville. ;)
  • was edward of lancaster married to anne neville? - well, was Owen Glyndwr Welsh? ;D
  • what did anne neville die from - death, let's keep it simple.
  • has anyone examined the similarities between margaret beaufort and mary 1-- why yes, this is an extensive field of research at every university ever!
  • emily agnes -- once again, that is not my last name :) (but people seem to want to keep guessing!)\
  • jasper tudor builder -- because our dear Jasper does indeed work for a construction company
  • everything wrong with Shakespere: well that ought to be interesting
  • bess's birthday- oh let's celebrate! but... which Bess? :)
  • images of emily hogg - I am not a pig, thank you very much!
  • portraits of anne neville's sister- I only include this one because right after it I found the one below
  • portraits of the duchess of clarence -- apparently all the cool kids aren't named Isabelle Neville by name any more these days...
  • happy wedding in elizabethan england -- So... Mary and Darnely right? :)

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