Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Search Terms #13

One thing's for sure, it's often something odd leads people to my site... and it sure is entertaining! Let's go check out those rather odd search terms then, shall we?
  • how do the french spell henry tudor -- probably the French way I would assume...
  • queen of december birthday -- happy birthday then Queen December!
  • spell stuart -- um, didn't you kinda just do that...?
  • owen tudor, sir edmund tudor and the house of the Stuarts -- ...that last one though... 0.o
  • queen for 13 days-- come on down Jane Grey, you're the next contestant on Queen for 13 Days!
  • tudor house names -- you heard it here first folks, the Tudors engaged in the practice of naming their houses!
  • anne of cleves ugly -- don't jump to conclusions so quickly!
  • rose talk- now there's a show I would watch! :) (this one actually up 3 times!)
  • was mary pretty than anne-- well, statistics say only about 50% of Marys were prettier than Annes. :)
  • is margaret of anjou portrayed in correctly in shakespeare one -- 
  • margaret catherine gordon -- her true name is finally revealed!
  • isabella castille lives longer fanfic -- ooh, hope you find it I bet that's a good one! :D
  • agnes was no lady -- now there's a shocker! :O
  • content- I bet they were pleased with the results! 
  • did margaret beaufort like catherine -- You mean..Catherine Parr? why Of course! :D 
  • is the name correct Scot? - yeah c'mon Scot! We're all anxiously waiting!
  • jacquetta tudor -- making up historical figures... all the cool kids are doing it these days.
  • who would be king of england if henry iv hadn't stolen the throne -- This actually sounds more like an essay prompt than a search term!
  • izzabella neville- because needs to stand out from the rest :)

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