Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Assorted Tudor Facts

Just some random tidbits about my favourite dynasty you may or may not know!

  • Jane Grey was queen for 13 days, not 9.
  • Through Owen Tudor's mother, Marged ferch Dafedd, the Tudors are cousins of Owain Glyndwr. 
  • Katherine of Valois and Owen Tudor were born within at max 1 year of each other (1400/1)
  • Henry VII had a Welsh governess named Jane ap Hywel who lived on to later care for his son, Henry VIII. [it's possible that she taught Henry Welsh.]
  • Katherine of Valois was friends with Edmund Beaufort, duke of Somerset.
  • Elizabeth I was known to have a fear of rats
  • Bess of Hardwick and Elizabeth I are actually very distantly related
  • The current Welsh flag design was designed after Henry Tudor's battle standard
  • Elizabeth of York had a sister who was only a year or two young named Margaret, but she died when she was 15.
  • Francis Walshingham named his daughter, Frances, after himself.
  • Darnley was about 9 years older than his younger brother Charles
  • Margaret Douglas had a total of 11 children, only 2 of which survived.
  • Anne Boleyn had a pet dog named Purquoy.
  • Owen Tudor claimed to be descended from the legendary welsh figure, Cadwallader.
  • Jasper Tudor was born at Hatfield while Edmund Tudor was born at the manor of Much Hadham.
  • The only living descendants of Henry IV come from the line of Antigone Plantagenet (daughter of Humphrey of Gloucester and cousin of Henry VI). Humphrey and his wife, Eleanor Cobham also had a son named Arteys (or Arthur)
  • Elizabeth of York also had a illegitimate brother named Arthur, who actually was a big Tudor supporter.
  • Edmund and Jasper Tudor had a younger brother named Owen Tudor who became a monk.
  • Joan of Arc was burned at the stake the very same year Jasper Tudor was born.
That's all for now, but there will be more posts like this in the future, that's certain!

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