Weekly Tudor Quiz!

Think you're a Tudor History know-it-all? Well, then can you prove it?
Here's this week's quiz, How many can you get right?
  1. What was the name of Anne Boleyn's mother?
  2. How many surviving children did Margaret Douglas have?
  3. Who were the parents of Owen Tudor?
  4. What was the name of Frances Brandon's younger sister?
  5. When was Jasper Tudor born?
  6. In what month was Edward VI born?
  7. Which of Shakespeare's plays was written first?
  8. The Palace of York Hall, which Henry VIII acquired from Wolsey, was later renamed as what?
  9. In what palace was Henry VIII born?
  10. Does Anne Boleyn feature in any Shakespeare play?
(answers to be posted next week)


  1. Hello, i thought i would try this out! So...
    1 is Margaret? Because all of their children were born so close together I wasn't too sure if that was right but on second thoughts..
    Also did you know, that when Samuel Pepys (the man who kept a diary through the fire of London) visited Katherine's embalmed body, he kissed her?? How odd!
    2. That one i am not sure of :(
    3. 7th September!
    4. Hmm i would like to say Pembroke but only cause that's where Henry VII was born.. if not, somewhere in Wales? Sorry!
    5. Not sure either... Not doing very well eh? :P
    6. Ooh i think i know this one.. Brittany in France?
    7. And this one cause I love James IV :P He married James's cousin (distant) Lady Catherine Gordon :)
    8. Fotheringay! Horrible name that isn't it?
    9. Yes..but i can't remember how.. I think it's something to do with Owain's cousins??
    10. One wee boy called Edward :) Apparently Richard III arranged Anne's death??

    I posted a comment on one of your other pages, it's Hannah again :) I've learned so much more about Tudors since last time!

    I was reading a book recently about Margaret Tudor and spotted a mistake that really annoyed me! The author put that James III "was slaughtered at Bannockburn" :O When in actual fact, he was murdered after Sauchieburn... 174 years difference! I was put off the book after that, needless to say! :)

  2. Hello agian :) Thanks for trying and you actually got most of them right! I found lots little mistakes like that in some of the books I've read. I had one about the "Tudors Queens of England" and the author mistoke Lord Darnley (Mary Queen of Scots' second husband) as being a grandson of, not of Margaret Tudor, but of Mary "Rose" Tudor... not just once, but twice! :) Hard to believe that stuff actually gets published huh! :D Oh and I almost forgot! The answers are posted up above!