Tudor Era Names

Based off the recent popularity of my "Common and Uncommon" Tudor names posts, I decided to create a page of all the Tudor-era names i could find!. Here's the list of Uncommon and Common Tudor names, and if you have one to add, leave a comment! (by the way, there are waaaaaay too many surnames to list so i just put some of the important or interesting ones on here)

FEMALE                                MALE                                       SURNAMES
Elizabeth/Bess/Bessie                Thomas                                     Boleyn
Mary                                          Owen                                      Howard
Jane                                          John                                   Hapsburg                                                                              
Jaquetta                                     Richard                                  Shore
Anne/Anna                                Henry                                     Tudor (duh) 
Isabel/Isabella                          Edward                                    Pole
Catherine/Katherine/Kate         Robert                                      de la Pole
Amy                                         Edmund                                    Herbert
Douglass                                   Ambrose                                   Cavendish
Lettice                                        Mathew                                   Dereveaux
Arbella                                        William                                     Parker
Briget                                         Maxmillian                                 Wydeville
Honour                                        Guildford                                    Neville
Grace                                           Jasper                                     Stuart/Stewart
Alice                                             David                                       Blount/Blunt
Eleanor                                          Arthur                                      Beaufort
Margaret/Madge                           Lionel                                       Guildford
Joyce                                              Giles                                       Moleyns
Etheldreda                                     Walter                                      de Vere
Martha                                          Nicholas                                   St. Loe
Agnes                                          Archibald                                   Grenville
Maud                                              James                                     Plantagenet
Cecily                                            Patrick                                    Hepburn
Ursula                                           Charles                                     Cobham
Barbara                                         Francis                                    Morton
Dorothy                                      Ferdidnand                                 Dormer
Amelia                                          Phillip                                      Talbot
Sybille                                          Fredrick                                  Beauchump/ de Beauchump
Maria/Marie                                 George                                     Maitland                                            
Christina                                     Lambert                                      Hogg
Janet                                         Sebastian/Bastian                          Pagez
Frances                                        Humphrey                                Stafford
Mildred                                       Anthony                                    Seymour
Jean                                             Andrew                                      Dudley
Lavina                                         Joseph                                       Bray
Susan                                            Reginald                                  Empson                             
Gertrude                                          Rhys                                      Brackenbury
Myfeyny                                    Alexander                                    Simnel
Temperence                               Maredudd                                  Brackenbury
Lucy                                            Micheal                                     Chaucer
Avice                                           Edynfed                                     Gordon
Antigone                                       Goronwy                                   Thronsden
Helen                                             Roger                                        Sheffield
Diane/Diana                                   Adam                                         Glwn Dower
Charolette                                       Martin                                          Fitzwilliam
Jacquetta                                        Lewis                                         Wayte
Michelle                                          Louis                                       Shelton        
Isabeau                                         Rolland                                      Paulet
Beatrix                                         Polydore                                     de Pole

(and more!)


  1. This is going to be a marvelous help with my novel! Thank you!

    1. Your welcome! Glad you liked it! :)

  2. brilliant.lots of help. :-)

  3. Can't forget about Hastings!
    Children of Francis Hastings 2nd Earl of Huntington and Catherine Pole were descendants of both the House of York (through their mother) and the House of Lancaster (through their father). Their youngest Mary was even supposed to be married to Ivan the Terrible.

  4. This will really help with my story for a competition! Thanks :)

  5. So glad I found this list, it's amazing!!
    I was just thinking... would Ralph have been a Tudor era name? Sounds like it may have been is all. :)

  6. yeah it is :) It was quite popular during the Wars of the Roses

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